Diagnosed recently at 54 years old. Having lots of confusion around meds!

57 for me. It came as quite a surprise. (I’ve known my husband has ADHD, untreated, for decades.) I began seeing a new doctor (for me) after decades of being treated for chronic depression and anxiety. I’m on adderall now and feel as though I’m back among the living. I’m capable of feeling happy. No “crash” but I go back to chronic D the day I don’t take A.

I have some small regret over the lost time but am mostly so happy to have arrived at a diagnosis. I remember how extraordinarily hard it was for me to work outside the home AND raise our children. But I gave my best to my kids because they were my #1 priority. I’d never loved anyone more. They’ve not complained about anything from those years and reminisce about happy memories so I guess I/we did OK. Children will accept so much as Normal. lol

Wait adderall crash? I’ve been on this for two years and I don’t have that. Am I supposed to. I’m on Adderall 15mg IR

I’m sorry you’re experiencing crashes. I went through that when I first started taking adhd meds. Now I am on Bipohentin 30mg and I don’t crash but I do have a 3 hour period of time when its wearing off when I get down a bit and my thinking turns negative. That’s when I try to be alone . Good luck and try not to give up. You’re worth the effort to find the right solution for you.

Hey I’m just a couple years younger but was diagnosed at 32. I tried all the meds available at the time, and found nothing that I could live with—plus I’m way too add to go to the doctor every 30 days to get a new script! That bugged me as much as anything. But eventually they all gave me sleep issues. And I never really perceived any benefits–but also was/am living alone (been married/d in between).

I think understanding your own wiring and developing systems of support/habit by design and by educating those around you may be the best approaches if you don’t find a wonder drug.

Also, in case you’re considering changing your diet, I’ll say that I have radically changed mine (not really-but to an American/Westerner). While it certainly has made me MUCH healthier and happier (see healthier) and puts me into all of those “longer, less-complicated/medicated, low-risk” life categories now, it HAS NOT affected my ADHD much.

I still recommend dietary modification for anyone eating SAD, but don’t expect that or any other dietary advice to have a lot of effect on your ADHD. But again, n my experience, it’s well worth being healthier just for the joy of it.

Good luck with Rx roulette.

I was just diagnosed 3 months ago and I will be 51 in 3 months. On my intro I spoke about my experience, but my doctor started me out with 10grams of Methylphenidate ( Biphentin is brand name and what I call it) with the instructions I go up 10 grams every week. I hit 50grams and discovered biphentin and caffeine do NOT work well together. So I threw out all my coffee, switched to green tea, and reduced any other source of caffeine (gym energy drinks have caffeine as I now rediscovered). I also discovered that if it’s a stressful time (around Xmas for example) I may need to temporarily reduce my biphentin down by 10 grams…again, keeping caffeine away from me. I’m up to 60grams and doing fine. It’s a process…if one doesn’t work, try another. Don’t give up.

Yeah, I tried Adderol to little effect, but have been on Vyvanse for several years, and it works great for me. Please not THE MEDS DO NOT SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS, but they do help you deal with them better.

Vyvanse gave me a crash

Same, diagnosed at 42. It has made a huge difference.