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Good morning from the UK.

Firstly, apologies it has been a long time since my last post.

Wondering how many of you have experienced ignorance from schools. My relationship with my sons school has deteriorated. The only reason I have not pulled my son out from school is that he is settled and has friends at school.

We have had numerous meetings at school and apts at paediatrics.

Paediatics believe son has adhd and last week had an apt for QBT test which could not take place because he was so distracted.

At home unless our son had regular exercise he runs laps of the house, bouncing on sofa, cannot watch a film.or programme all the way through without getting bored, suffers bouts of anxiety, likes routine.

Home schooling … we have a strict timetable which is working short bursts long breaks, timer and I am sat next to him or he is sat on my knee and it is working. A 3 hour school programme is taking 6 hours but we are doing it.

School… he fidgets, he has stopped chair swinging and bouncing behind a lot on English and reading and he has been placed on the special needs register because he is so far behind. He excels in maths which he loves… school have advised that his behaviour is his choice and he is “having us on” and have actually asked what do we want from them. My answer to this was that we do not want to be having the same repeat conversation.

We are expecting further apt at paediatrics in a couple of months time at which time I suspect schools will be open again.

How have you negotiated this path? and should we receive a diagnosis of which school will no doubt roll eyes and call me a “helicopter parent” which is a term the head teacher has called other parents how do manage relationships whilst being firm about your child’s needs


Sadly, teachers, can be ignorant and blame it on bad parenting !


I’m jack 14 years old and i have been very lucky with my teachers, they all understand my symptoms and problems. i wish you luck and support and i do understand why it is frustrating when people don’t understand ADHD and other mental illness.@katharine61


By the way jack if you press reply it sends them a notification so you dont have to @ them for each message in case you did not know (obviously if you did know ignore me for this)


Thank you i joined yesterday and don’t know how this works very well so thank you


I figured you did not know and wanted to make sure.




I’ve nearly been here a year and I’ve just learned this! ta.