Differences and Similarities?


Specifically for now I want to know everyone’s hobbies or what they do or prefer to do in their free time that you recently started enjoying or enjoyed from when you were younger.
What I do:
Basic Coding and working with HTML.
Play Video Games(since I was a child,still do.)
Games I currently play (in order) include: Warframe, Fortnite, Fallout, Assassin’s creed origins and Minecraft. :smiley_cat:

I also watch anime, although I do not stick to mainstream anime really. (Mainstream anime to me refers to anime that ‘normal’ people would know even if they do not or did not watch anime.
Top 5 mainstream anime are: The Dragon Ball series, One Piece, Death note, Bleach, Naruto.

I don’t hate mainstream anime but just don’t really watch those, I have watched a little of the first 3 I mentioned but not enough to judge the anime I suppose, therefore I have not watched it really… Although I have knowledge about them.

What I prefer to do: Anything that attracts my interest I guess. (As I am guessing the majority of people would agree with. :joy:)
I like to try new things and have fun with others as well.

What I used to like to do(If anyone would like to know why I say ‘used to’ just ask.) :
Drawing(like the classic on paper,mostly cause… I like how I said i will explain if someone asks and proceed to explain seconds later…:joy:), Photography, Animating, various Sports, Chess and various games or activities that one think and hyper-focus researching.:upside_down_face:

So what does everyone else do?
What can you tell me?
Got questions for me?
Let’s speak our minds regarding Hobbies, entertainment, what we do in our free time and our interests.

(Thinking about it, the last part sounds a YouTube outro.:joy:)


Yay, hobbies!

Things I used to do:
Drawing, graphic design, online text roleplay games, online PbP games, sing

Things I did before and still do:
Video games, reading, writing, play online browser games

Things I do now:
Programming, shopping (bad habit DX), watch YouTube videos

Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age series, XCOM (the newer ones), Minecraft, Dishonored, many many others

I’m currently playing through DA:I, and keep poking at Skyrim and Fallout 4 because they’re wonderful.
I am also currently playing Flight Rising (browser pet game), writing a novel, writing a game, and helping my husband work on a game. :3

YAY HOBBIES! I could talk about my hobbies all day XD


What I do:
Preserving and processing stuff from my garden
Crochet, while comuting
Listening to audiobooks/podcasts while doing the above, mostly fantasy and sci-fi
Gaming when I have time, right now I’m on pillars of eternity.

What I prefer to do:
I like learning new methods, new programming languages, discovering new plants. I also love highly monotonous tasks where I can completely switch to autopilot and give free reins to my brain.

What I used to like to do :
game a lot
Origami (I still do it sometimes, it’s just not super useful, and I prefer practical stuff)
Read books, I more or less replaced this with audiobooks because I can do something else at the same time:grin:


Ooooh! Nice ones!
Maybe we could play a game sometime. :joy:
I also used to play online RPG games on my phone.
Like Toram Online and Stellaccept.
I would like to some how be involved in making a game as well.
How is it?
How difficult is it?
What do you specific do? The coding? Design of characters? Physics mechanics?,etc.
What apps do you use?
What can you offer to people who would want to start and any advice?


That reminds me to start reading/listening to audio books.
Usually I get my info from experiences, random research that I do and info from other sources such as people or radio.
I ain’t a fan of autobiographies/biographies tho(short for though, or rather that’s how I use it).

Any good books you could recommend that I could like so I start reading books/audiobooks😂?
I guess I would like Sci-Fi, action, adventure, mystery or topics that would make me think I guess.


For my own game I’m only writing the story right now, but I intend to program it using C#/Unity. I’m still a newb when it comes to making games, so I don’t really have any advice yet! For my husband’s game I’m doing editing. It’s a tabletop game, not a video game, but we ARE planning on making an app for it to streamline gameplay, so I’ll be programming for that. I’m mostly learning right now. I only learned a little bit of C# in school, and so I’m building my knowledge of that.

As for difficulty, it’s hard to tell. I tend to over-complicate things in my head, so when I say I’m a bit overwhelmed by all I need to learn, that doesn’t mean it’s actually hard. :S

And I’m using Visual Studio 2017 community edition (it’s free!).


As my husband would say, “My wife has a hobby. Her hobby is all the hobbies.”

I currently:


Work with ceramics
Keep ants
Keep a fancy-ish bullet jounal
Build terrariums
Tie dye
Some photography
Some painting
Listen to podcasts/watch Youtube

I have previously done:


Some graphic design
Some web design (early HTML)
Forum ownership
Creative writing
Digital painting
Gaming server ownership
Built computers
Refinished furniture
Learned Japanese kinda
Dabbled in BDSM
Psychological research (no longer a hobby, now a school goal)
Kept a blog about money
Probably other stuff I forgot

Gaming is big for me, too, but I’m more picky there. Oddly, I like games that tax my executive functions or involve monotony/waiting lol. I’ve probably sunk the most hours into Minecraft, Rimworld, Cities Skylines, Skyrim/Fallout 4 and Stardew Valley. As far as “A+” or mainstream games, I most recently enjoyed Detroit: Become Human, and watching my Hubby play Horizon Zero Dawn.

Never been much for MMOs, Minecraft excepted.


Hmm, I just realized that my audiobooks consist mostly of fantasy :grin: so for sci-fi:

The Long Earth series by Terry Pratchett and Stephen baxter.
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (warning, they are not positive books)
If you’re not adverse to fantasy, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkworld universe is a fantastic mix of heroic fantasy and sci-fi. It’s also quite heavily politic (especially gender equality, but generally liberal) so if that’s not your cup of tea…
Red Dwarf by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. It’s just plain fantastic.

Books that might make you think:
Death and the Penguin and following books by Andrey Kurkov is somewhere between slice of life and dark somewhat surrealist satire of life in post sovietic Ukraine.

Edit: also the Short Science Fiction Collection on librivox (open source audiobooks producer) is interesting. The production value is all over the place and all stories are in the open domain, so rather old, but there are some gems in there


I love gaming in general, video games, in particular retro platformers and rpgs, indie games, board games and other table top games. I read alot, i generally shoot for 300 pages a week but im out of new books for the moment. I also like doing research in general, on about anything that sparks my interest. Im an active biohacker, so alot goes into that. Im looking at getting my first implants soon. Im trying to get into arcade/micro electronics repair and hacking as well as learning to code properly, but the tools are expensive for me at the moment.


If you guys are really into sci fi, check out the extra sci fi series on youtube. Its fantastic. Alsp checl out the Gor novels. Brilliant work.


I totally forgot to mention any form of game besides video games! I play DnD, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes, Magic: The Gathering, and pretty much any decent board game! XD


Ooh hobbies discussion. Ok here goes.
The thing is, I love my job so it kind of counts as a hobby too. I’m an author working on my first book. I love the world and the characters I created and so I have fun whenever I ‘go there.’ It’s like taking a trip to see familiar and beloved friends whenever I open that word document and begin writing. However separate from my work the things I enjoy are
Singing/dancing (like a lunatic because I can’t dance)
Playing video games
shopping (I’m so impulsive. Amazon is both my fun place and my kryptonite)

The video games I enjoy are
On my PS4:-
(I have trouble seeing a lot of games because I’m also Partially Sighted.)

Dress up games
racing games
anything on Friv.com

Anyway that’s pretty much it.


Ooohhhh we should make a D&D campaign and play it on this platform. That’d be fun :D!!!

(noob desperate to learn the ropes of D&D)

Oooooh! I love this idea! I might also have a slight obsession with anything even remotely resembling a questionnaire... bahaha.

What I do:

  • HTML & CSS for fun.
  • Video games, currently playing Vermintide 2, Killing Floor 2 and Assassin’s Creed… with some Slay the Spire mixed in! Probably going to hop into Rainbow Six Seige soon, since I have a friend group that plays it.
  • Talking waaaaay too much? :smiley: I seriously talk a lot on Discord and here on the forums. I love it though!
  • I’d like to eventually get back into riding horses. I have a long story as to why I don’t ride currently, but I do have a goal to get back to it! Especially since… my saddle was expensive and it not being used hurts my soul just a little bit…
  • Shamelessly show everyone pictures of my cat. I am a total CatMom. I am not sorry. :smiley:
  • DnD every Friday with a group of long time friends. I play an elf in one campaign and a tabaxi (cat person!) in the other. :smiley:

What I’d like to do

  • Learn python! Then learning another programming language, what language, I don’t know. But definitely starting with python just because… learning code is a hobby for me…
  • Knit or crochet! I hear it’s a great fidget and I’d love to learn! Plus it means I could make things… and torment my cat with little crocheted cat hats… :smiley: I’m sure he’d love it right?
  • Learn dressage, a type of equestrian discipline. I know some basic western riding. I know jumping. I’d love to learn dressage. -dreamy sigh-
  • Get through the Assassin’s Creed series. I’m so behind. SO BEHIND. (I didn’t start gaming til like… 7 years ago soooooo … WAY BEHIND).
  • Finish my book I’m currently on. I can only hold my focus for one chapter at a time and I’m very inconsistent… @_@


What I do now:

  • Play video games - I play Champions Online, and a couple mobile games that I play with my son (Jurassic World and Disney Heroes)
  • I watch a TON of YouTube
  • I’ve started learning a few things to do around the house, fixing pipes and I just started to delve into some car repair. Minor, but useful things like brakes.
  • I learned how to brew mead and hard cider, but I haven’t done it in awhile… but considering there’s still unfinished cider here then I guess technically I’m still doing it.

What I have done:

  • Tabletop RPG’s - I’ve played DnD, Star Wars, Cyberpunk, Rifts, Shadowrun, Paranoia, among a few.
  • I was an SCA fencer and archer


Heck yea, it’s hobby time.
What I do:

  • Play video games- I play the following often. Monster Hunter World, Battlefield, Titanfall, Horizon Zero Dawn, Rainbow Six Siege

  • Listen to music: Artists I listen to often - Neko Case, Orla Gartland, Kerrin Connolly, Dodie, Car seat headrest, Sturgill Simpson, AJIMAL, The Violent Femmes, Jason Isbell, Screaming Females,Alex Lahey
    Honorable mentions:


There are plenty of digital platforms for DnD, but I’d strongly suggest finding a local, in person group. Much more entertaining that way.



What I used to do but don’t do so much anymore:

Play video games. Draw (which I haven’t really done since high school). Learn web programming (HTML, Ruby, etc).

What I used to do and still do:

Write poetry and fiction and personal non-fiction blog posts. Read and listen to audiobooks (mostly fiction, but I go through non-fiction jags). Reading isn’t something I often hyperfocus on and I get easily distracted, so it can sometimes take me a while to get through a book, assuming I don’t stop reading it for a while and switch to a different book, (SO MANY BOOKS TO READ!) Movies and TV shows are easier for me to get through, especially TV shows since I can take a break between episodes. I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who and Brooklyn Nine-Nine lately. I also read a lot of comics and graphic novels, which are also easier for me to get through quickly than print books. And I play tabletop games, including role-playing games. The last one I played in was a D&D game, but that’s not my favorite. I’m looking to start running one soon, probably using Fate Core or Fate Accelerated, but I’m also considering Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine.



  • I play violin, and have been in both the school orchestra and the city youth orchestra

  • I’m on my school’s FTC robotics team

  • I took fencing my sophomore year and enjoyed it, but didn’t take it last year so I’m not sure if it counts

  • I used to read a lot but haven’t recently, the last book I really enjoyed was Artemis by Andy Weir, the same guy who wrote The Martian.

  • I’m just getting into gaming, I bought a couple games a few months ago, and I just bought a ton from the Steam summer sale

  • One thing I want to be my hobby is programming, but I keep putting off learning python even though I enjoyed the whole 5 hours I spent working on it

Also I just noticed the format of the prompt but I really don’t want to have to rewrite everything, so the formatting’s staying :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: one thing I forgot is music! I listen to a lot of alt rock, rap, indiepop, punkrock, honestly most types of music but I think those’re the biggest ones


If you like both Douglas Adams and the Long Earth series, if you haven’t already you should absolutely start listening to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. They’re more of a spoof on fantasy, but they’re super well done and detailed and surprisingly relevant, while also being absolutely hilarious. I wouldn’t recommend starting with the first book in the series, since Terry Pratchett’s writing style develops a lot over the first few books, but luckily you don’t have to read them in order :P, my favorite to start with is Guards, Guards!.