Differences and Similarities?


Yeah, I limited miself to sci-fi. My audiobooks library is, out of 86 books:
46 Pratchett
16 Robin Hobb
12 Neil Gaiman
5 A song of ice and fire

Douglas Adams I have on CD, old-school :sunglasses:

And I agree, guards guards! is a good starting point.
Do you know of any other good similar fantasy writers (knowing that I only listened once to Hobb and Martin and like 10 times to each one by Pratchett, Adams and Gaiman :grin:)


There are so many people who seem to like coding apparently o.o.


I guess it’s the frustrations/problems and relief/joy of finally get your program to do what you want it to do.
(Problem solving.)


That’s exactly why I like programming. I find it’s like a video-game in itself :D.


If I were to guess, I’d say programmers are just more comfortable with using online forums than average.


Oh oops, lol. Unfortunately I don’t know any others quite in the same writing style, although you’ve inspired me to go find some more Neil Gaiman books, since I’ve only read a couple, so thanks!


Any ADHDers that don’t game?


Good question


I doubt it.


This is one of the best things on the internet.

What Fandom(s) do YOU belong to?!

What I do:

  • Singing - classical and pop/rock/musicals
  • Oriental belly dance and Tribal Fusion (Tribal Fusion 1, Tribal Fusion 2, Tribal Fusion 3 - three different styles, I bet you know the last video)
  • Spending hours and hours on Discord, voicing or video chatting with my friends or people from the How to ADHD community (most happen to be both friends and part of the community)
  • Studying - well not right now because semester holidays, but usually I study pretty much 24/7. Literally. What is sleep?
  • Working as a student assistant for my university over summer
  • Procrastinating
  • Reading Brandon Sanderson books (currently Arcanum Unbounded)
  • Teaching myself LaTeX and writing with my left hand because why not?
  • Playing Ni No Kuni - Revenant Kingdom
  • Loving anything related to colours
  • Loving anything related to cats (except them suffering)

What I’d like to do:

  • Learn MatLab and Python
  • Be a functional human being
  • Perform in a musical
  • Paint and be artsy
  • Have a cat
  • Cuddle my cat
  • Love my cat
  • Cat


Omg! I love ya’ll, but too many words on this post.


My hobbies:

  • Video Games

  • Reading

  • Deep Discussions on various subjects, usually talking to people about apologetics. (Yes, I’m the atheist XD)

  • Watching youtube and listening to podcasts

What I prefer to do:

  • Making youtube video about apologetics and why I disagree with them.

  • Video Games

What I used to like to do:

  • Train dogs - The people thought I was quick fix. I had to explain to them that I’m training them to train their dog. They didn’t like that answer very much.


“Omg! I love ya’ll, but too many words on this post.” - @Pizzatom52

ADHD problems. :laughing:


I love terry pratchets word, psychatrickarist. I don’t want to say that word to my therapist or psychiatrist now that I know I’m a brain


I have never been a gamer.


I was wondering if I could turn Amazon into a verb, as in “Amazon’ing is my hobby”. I’m very impulsive when it comes to spending too. It wouldn’t be so bad if remembered to pay my bills first…


I hear that. On my steam account I have 1,398 games. I’m good friends with impulsivity


Me. Did try it years ago & got hooked for a month or so on one game, but not done it in many years.


Ooh, this is a nice thread! :slight_smile:

Things I do:
-anything physical: dance, pole dance, aerial hoop, flexibility and contortion, strength training, swimming, and just nice long walks
-anything musical: playing the piano, DJ’ing, singing, going to gigs
-writing: poetry, journal, or blog posts that I plan to make into an actual blog someday…
-drawing, painting
-parties, festivals, nights out with friends… I’m very extroverted and often get hyperfocused on spending time with people I like :smiley:
-binge watching Netflix :smiley:

Things I’d like to do:
-play the cello
-produce techno music
-interior design
-start a blog
-run a monthly party night
-play more board games

Things I used to do:
-fashion (some designing, mostly just buying lots of clothes… :smiley: I used to study fashion for a while too)
-cooking and baking
-learning languages (I think I’ve learnt the basics of at least 8 languages)
-gaming (I’ve had to quit all games now as I get so addicted I can’t get anything else done!)
-playing the drums
-playing the guitar
-playing the bass
-watching anime and reading manga

I’m sure I’ve forgot about a million things… Ok writing all these down is giving me motivation to go and do something fun now! :wink: