Let me start off by explaining a few things.

I haven’t had health insurance for the last… five? Five years? I can’t even remember the last time I was at the doctor, to be honest.
Don’t worry, I finally signed up today and it will be active by December 1st. However, about a week and a half ago, I decided to finally make an appointment to get evaluated for Adult Adhd. It’s something I’ve been toying with for a few years and after discovering How to Adhd and a few other things online, I finally decided it was time to go talk to someone.

So, my appointment was finally today! It’s been the longest week leading up to this. I’ve been so consumed by this appointment, wondering what they’ll ask, making a list of things I wanted to mention, etc.
Because I’m not currently covered by insurance, my appointment was at a neighborhood clinic that uses a sliding scale based on your income to decide how much to charge you. I made this appointment without realizing I would have coverage by 12/01.

My doctor was… interesting. I felt like she was really focused on crossing depression off the list. She also kept asking me really generic questions once I mentioned ADHD. Do you feel fidgety? Have you been feeling like you can’t focus? Are you hyper?

She eventually told me she’d have to refer me to someone else because she wasn’t very informed on adult adhd. Do you have mood swings? What are you looking to gain from this experience? You don’t look like you have anxiety.

So I was asked to wait for the “referral person”. I waited in a hall for like 10-15 minutes until another gal came to grab me. She took me to her dark office (seriously, her lights were off) and printed two sheets for me with the information of two psychiatrists I could make appointments with so I could have a proper adhd evaluation.

I went home and decided to start making some calls. Place #1 told me they don’t really do adhd evaluations but they’ll call me in the morning with the info of a place that does. Place #2 won’t take me until my insurance kicks in or unless I have MediCal.

Essentially I went home feeling like I paid $100 to the neighborhood clinic so I could speak to a doctor that didn’t have enough knowledge to help me. I paid $100 for two referrals that can’t help me. Maybe I’m being sensitive but every time I told someone what type of evaluation I wanted, the response was “Ohhhh… okay…” “So you want an… ADHD evaluation…?”

I’m calling them tomorrow to see if they can offer any further help. I’m kind of feeling like I just need to wait until my insurance kicks in and then go through them… which sucks. I’m perfectly fine paying out of pocket if it means just getting some answers. I guess I just wanted to come on here to rant.
I apologize if this sounds like a big pity party.
It stinks to be counting down the days for something and end up with… this? :confused:


What ultimately ended up happening? Have you been able to get a good evaluation yet?


I finally have an evaluation appointment!!!
My appointment is on December 27th with someone at our local behavioral health clinic. I think my first “appointment” helped ease some of my jitters? Definitely somewhat nervous about my upcoming appointment but I’m ready to just get it over with!


So awesome to hear! I hope it goes well!


That’s great!! Good luck with everything :four_leaf_clover: