Do Anyone Else Have Problems Communicating?

Ever since I was little my family and friends find it hard to understand me. Only person seems to understand me is my mother and I’m 28 years old now. I dnt know if its just me or the way im expressing myself but I dnt like it. I have dreams where I’m talking to people and they were not hearing or listening to me and I get no response from them. Its upsetting.

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Sounds like you are very harsh on yourself.
Communication is an art, if you ask me. I described my troubles as “me saying A and people understanding B” in the past. It was often confusing, when the face expression was mismatching their vocal expression.

No one can see what is going on in other peoples head. So it makes no sense trying to judge or guess anything. As long as both parties don’t have collected all facts, it is easy to misunderstand each other. You can improve your skills of active listening and asking good questions in return. Assuming that all other people view the world as I do, was a wrong concept, I left by gaining more knowledge about mechanisms and processes. Reality and how someone assumes everything might work, are two different things indeed. Wisdom comes with learning, practice and experience.

So be nice to yourself and give yourself time to discover the true nature of all things and life. It might surprise you with beauty and precious moments.

Oh and dreams are just the brains way to process the collected information of the day. If you keep putting a lot of thoughts into this subject every day, you will keep dreaming about it. If you have a very negative view on it, your brain confronts you more likely with this unpleasant dreams. It tries to learn and find solutions. When I get into overthinking cycles, I dream the same dream over and over again with tiny changes.

I take time to have a birds eye on things. Looking at it from different angles. I can easier letting go and have normally a solution. If not, I ask for advice on things. The dreaming stops as soon as I act responsibly.


I have trouble communicating it’s both I cant find the words or say something that makes no sense. I find it’s better to explain it in a way then ask if it makes sense if it doesnt just keep trying to explain it. It works with me it can be frustrating but when you ask you learn new ways to explain things.


I’ve noticed I sometimes get stuck on a word, I know theres a particular word I’m thinking of but it just won’t come out, then I have to try and explain that word which isn’t always easy and a bit embarrassing. Maybe one of the reasons I avoid avoid conversation :joy:


ever try recording your self speaking like u do to others not a few words but a few sentence wait a wile so its not so fresh in mind play back see if u can understand it I my self have a hard time with some ppl mostly if its emotionally charged

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