Do sounds like air conditioners drive you crazy?

Some people like ‘white noise’ to sleep, I strongly prefer silence. I have insomnia at the best of times, but little noises like clocks ticking or an AC running or something like that will drive me up the wall!

Is that just me?


Ticking clocks are infuriating. I don’t have them in my apartment, and have to take the batteries out of my mother’s clock when I sleep at her place.

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I have a different set of sounds that drive me up the wall. Mine are repetitive beeping or thumping (loud bass is a common one)

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I don’t like listening to music with words for much longer than half an hour. Is this weird? Instrumental music I can enjoy for a lot longer but still after a while I turn it off and breathe a sigh of relief.


It’s very difficult for me to sleep with any sound on, but especially people talking or music with lyrics. I’ll just get distracted and focus on the sounds, unless I’m physically exhausted (as in from intense training or something, which is rare for me lol) I won’t sleep D:
As a kid, I used to get annoyed at most sounds when reading because I felt they were distracting me from my book. Sounds that I could live with all day suddenly became annoying, like the AC, The Fridge, or most of the time: The distorted and really faint music coming from my brother’s earphones. We’d fight endlessly about it and I wouldn’t let him listen to music in our shared room. He wouldn’t understand why I couldn’t read with music in the background because he couldn’t study WITHOUT music in his ears.


This is so interesting! I can’t seem to sleep (unless I’m EXTREMELY tired) without something playing like an audiobook or a meditation track. It has to be something I can focus my thoughts on to drift off. If I don’t hear anything, my brain will take up the challenge and distract me itself!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grin:

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I TOTALLY get what you mean. I have so much trouble concentrating on and comprehending the textbook I was reading that I had to read out loud, highlight text, and write notes in a notebook to get anything out of it.


Before I was married, I fell asleep to a thunderstorm soundtrack. Now it is the fan that my husband swears he can’t breathe without.

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Funny. Some noises makes me go crazy. Some don’t. Clock ticking even calms me down. So does classical music. I always fall asleep with that. Silence drives me crazy. But some white noise drives me crazy too. It needs to have a certain rhythm or structure for me to be able to enjoy it.

Right now I’m sitting (on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:) waiting for the teacher to let me in (I have a seperate convo with him). It’s really warm today, so everyone has their door open. I hear 3 different teachers at the same time and that makes me go crazy :smiley:

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I like the tv on to go to sleep. I hate ticking clocks. What i struggle with is anything on that i know. Like songs i know the words to or movies i know. I find by brain constantly preempts what is on an stops me sleeping.


I absolutely need sound! But like specifically white noise: a fan on, the rain, etc.
If i’m in dead silence, then my brain will MAKE its own noise to fill it up, and I wont be able to focus, and I definitely won’t be able to sleep. Which really messes me up when I go to a friends house, or i go on holiday. (I downloaded an app to my phone that makes white noise sounds for this reason.)

Repetative sounds like tapping or ticking clocks or anything that also happens ‘randomly’ like those pauses between someone hammering next door. Those types of noises instantly give me sensory overload and irritate me beyond any words available. They’re also far too distracting.

Music is… 50/50. It’s fine in the day, but trying to sleep with music on is impossible.

I have a really noisy clock in my room which I kinda like tbh. If I’m ever having a bad night and my thoughts are running away from me then I can listen to it for a bit and generally that helps. Not a bit fan of white noise but I really don’t like silence so I generally have some kind of music.

During the day, however, hoo boi. My school has air conditioners (they’re not proper ACs, they don’t cool the air, just pump it round) in pretty much every room and I hate them so much. They’re so noisy and distracting ugh.