Do vitamin supplements and diet help with ADHD?


Does anyone take vitamin supplements and/or follow a clean eating diet to help with their ADHD? Do they find they help?

I’ve been reading various articles and watching YouTube videos, but all the information is overwhelming. I am going back to see my consultant on Wednesday to get my diagnosis. I’m just trying to find out some changes I could make to help myself.


For me I don’t know if vitamins etc help. I take a bunch diligently, but don’t clearly notice an effect.

Exercise and sleep makes a big difference for me. If I’m not on medication I drink a lot of coffee (no matter how much I sleep); when I exercise regularly I need a lot less coffee to sit still.

I think diet is a side-effect for me rather than a cause (I’ll use food and snacks as a stimulant when I need more … something). Again, if I exercise I’m happy to eat salads and other things that are good for me. No exercise, etc? Pizza please!


I did try a lot, from specific amino acids to herbs, vitamin complexes… and i have only 3 worth mentioning:
Fish oil (omega3)
D vitamin (helps with my mood)
L-Thyrosine (only 1-2 times a week, and only if i feel exhausted without a proper reason)

And my extra: dark, real chocolate (not too much, just 1-2 bites) is a little stronger than coffee, and works better with Ritalin for me, if i keep it to the “time to push” times. (i think i drank way too much coffee, and its not really doing anything anymore)
Oh, and water! I tent to cover my daily fluid with coffee… and i have to remember to drink water, but i can tell the difference for sure :slight_smile:

But nothing will work more than quality sleep, even naps if needed, and regular exercise.


Thanks for the replies to my post. Both have helped me with small changes going forward.

I got diagnosed as Combined Type ADHD and started on a daily dose of 30 mg Elvanse (Vyvanse). This is only my fourth day on medication. It’s still early days, but aside from feeling wide awake until the wee small hours and a little jittery the first 2 days I’ve felt more focused and managed to actually get stuff done. The biggest thing I noticed was my appetite, not so much a suppression as I’ve been eating regular meals. I’ve always had a binge eating problem where I crave chocolate, sweets, cheese, cola/diet cola to the point where I had to have them and not stop at say a piece of chocolate, but consume a large bar. It’s the impulse that seems to be surpressed. While I have had my hand in the biscuit tin, I’ve been able to keep myself in check the last few days. The biggest test will be when I return to work and my normal routine on Monday.

I was getting overwhelmed by all the information on supplements and dietary changes. I already take a multi-vitamin with iron and vitamin D supplement each day so I’ll try adding Omega 3. While I’m more of a tea drinker I was going to try decaf and trying to drink more water than soda. When I go back to work I start at 7am, so will be taking the medication earlier. That combined with cutting back caffeine and exercise may help me get to sleep better.