Do you ever just totally indulge your ADHD?

I had a great night last night. In the UK it was bonfire night, meaning fireworks EVERYWHERE. I may have accidentally stepped in front of traffic because some fireworks distracted me. I took that as a sign. Maybe I should take some time to just indulge the stereotype of “ooooh colours”? (I do actually really like bright colours and loud noises)

So last night I was on my way home from seeing a friend, but ended up walking right past my house and towards where I could see fireworks. I had nothing else to do that night so I spent an hour walking around towards any fireworks I saw and grinning like an idiot. After that, I ended up in a part of town I’ve never been to, at an actual firework display, with mulled wine. It was amazing! I forgot how much I love fireworks!

I’m so happy I gave myself the chance to just do what I felt like doing! The logical side of my brain was saying “no, go home! You’re an adult!” but I ignored adult me for a little while and I feel so happy as a result.

Have you guys ever totally willingly jumped into your distractions?


I love how I can get so excited about things that other people might miss, I remember being in a important meeting when I spotted a mole digging outside the window, I jumped straight up and went outside to watch it, the best thing was everybody in the room came and joined me for 10minutes whilst we enjoyed the show.


I seem to be that way with turtles. I grew up in an area that I never saw turtles in the wild. Every time I walk at the river I look at all the turtles.


I have swam with, trained, and surfed with DOLPHIN-the ULTIMATE ADHD marine mammal!!! Yep. Love Me. Some. Dolphin.


That’s amazing :rofl:


Thanks. I’m impressed, as well. In my humble opinion, people need to just live and stop paying so much attention to labels and letters. Things go more smoothly that way.


I just love this post. What an amazing moment. I think not indulging in these beautiful things leads to a buildup of stress. This was an excellent reminder that we shouldn’t get so caught up in doing the things we are supposed to do that we forget about the things that make us happy and human.


We spend so much time berating ourselves for not being more ‘normal’ but sometimes we need to embrace what makes us different and just let go a bit. I used to work in a playscheme for autistic children where we went to soft play/playgrounds, and I ended up playing just as much as they did! Why not?


I know this was from a while ago. But I love a good success story!

It sounds like you had a fantastic night! Fire works and mulled wine it sounds amazing! Jumping into a distraction can lead to best night ever stories! Love it! :heart:

I have found that the little things in life bring me the most joy. I find I am the most at peace when I put the to-do lists down and walk away for just a little while and wander. That’s probably why I love nature photography so much. :smiley:

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Thanks to recent commenting, this came up on top in the forum again, wonderful!

YES, absolutely! It was a Saturday I had free time and I wanted to visit this beautiful papershop (beautiful notebooks, post-its, all kinds of truly lovely cardboard folders …my attempt at environmental thinking despite buying this stuff…) Aaaanyway. So I went there, but then after that I just thought, well, why not wonder around aimlessly for a bit.

And it was so nice! I ended up walking up and down streets, browsing around in shops, getting a simple seafood sandwitch at the market and eating it while walking by the waterline, looking out to the open sea. This part of the city is really off my usual routes and that’s why I hadn’t got to it for a long long time. But it reminded me how much I really enjoy looking at open waters. Particularly the sea. If I had to pick one element to say it was my own, it would definitely be water. Beautiful to look at and calms my mind. A tad on the cliché side, I know, but also: true.


All the time…:joy::joy:. It is what sets me part or us apart. We are childlike people with great ability to disconnect…

Great post!! So, nice that you went for it and let yourself off the chain. A little wine , just you and your thoughts.

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We had a new snack at work.

Our lunchroom has schoolroom style tables with tall benches, and so a circle of us were sitting at the table.

People started talking about the new snack (it was some sort of powder you could turn into savory soup) and whether anyone had tried it and wondering what it tasted like.

At the first mention of “soup” I’d immediately jumped up, walked over to the snack area 10-ish feet away, grabbed a packet of the powder, found a spoon and bowl elsewhere, filled it with hot water, and walked back to the table and sat down.

People were still wondering what the snack tasted like. I piped up “It tastes kind of like flavored cardboard soaked in chicken”

There was a visible whoa and one girl kept exclaiming surprise about “When did you get up??

I just found it funny nobody noticed


The last time I truly let go of my ADHD (I really want a better name for it, btw) was quite a few months ago. In fact, I think it was last year some time.

I had just heard a really cool song on the radio and got super excited to apply some of the techniques I had picked out into my own music creation. So… round about 10-ish hours later I had 1-and-a-half songs completed and I was ready to keep going until I fell asleep.

I think it was my spouse that finally broke my streak by asking if I’d eaten anything. And as it turned out, I had not eaten a single thing, and I was secretly starving.

But those 10 hours were some of my best work. I love when I hit a creative stride like that and the music just flows.


Once went for a morning walk before I had to set up for my NYE party. On the way I came across a lost bird and tried (unsuccessfully) to catch her for about 3 hours before I remembered I had a party to set up for :sweat_smile: When I got home I then discovered multiple pages on facebook for people to share info about lost birds and a few days later I helped connect a different lost bird with its owner. No regrets!


Oohhhhhhh I love just zoning out on super long car rides. those days with the music on as we drive for hours is absolute heaven :drooling_face:

Aww I love this thread!! So nice to read everyone’s stories. :slight_smile:

I indulge my adhd pretty much all the time to be honest, I haven’t really learnt how to control it, but not sure if I even have to as I do creative freelance work anyway.

So funny to see that so many people here really enjoy aimlessly walking around following things they find interesting/beautiful/etc. I’ve always done that too, didn’t realise it was another ADHD thing!! :smile:
I started doing it as a teenager when I was bullied a lot and didn’t have friends at school, so I started spending my lunch breaks walking on streets with the most sunlight. At every crossing, I’d choose where to go depending on which street looked the sunniest. The walks brought me some calm and happiness at a difficult time. :slight_smile:
Also, I now live in London and LOVE walking around this city as it’s so big that even after years and years of living here there’s still always some hidden streets and new buildings to discover… The other day I found a tiny park with a maze and a playground that looked really fun even now as an adult, I made a mental note to come back there with a friend and be kids for a day… :grin:


Wooooow that sounds awesome! One of my favorite memories is lying down in the grass with the rain pouring down as I stare up into the sky protected by the trees…
when did we let go of simple pleasures like that? Of enjoying the sun on your face or the grass in between your toes? Why did we have to grow up?
Ps: I totally want to go to that park now :yum:


I have driving long haul truck for years. That what made it bearable.

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My goodness! It’s like you’ve describes a day in the life!

I have often been accused of being childlike… I mean, I guess I am… I wander and I gaze around… I float off to look at things that strike my fancy because why not? I get lost for who knows how long in video games, am an artist, surround myself in whimsey and always take the scenic route on a walk… even on lunch break…even if I will be late. I am so lucky to be able to listen to my iPod all day at work at my desk… and the universe knew what she was doing when she faced MY desk away from the window…

We Brains have pretty full plates. I think we all deserve a bit of indulgence here and there…


I agree, everyone deserves a bit of indulgence :grin: and by taking the scenic route you get a little beauty in your life every day!