Do you have a role model?


A yes or no will do, but names are welcome too!
Do you think its a good thing to even have any?

I was thinking if i would pick a role model, who would it be… not decided yet :slight_smile:


Yes, no.

Yes I have role models, but no, they are not specific people but a group.

The group of men (there are a very few women too) about my age and especially older (looking forward you see) who have found work they love and are very good at doing it (if not the best in their fields). It helps if they’ve managed to land a great spouse and the rest one of those brings, but I have no complications like that now (or helpers).

Because I got educated in the wrong areas and am not a rocketship surgeonist/test pilot by now, these guys tend to be Craftsmen who take their craft right up next to the level of Art. They generally work with their hands and eyes and varying complement of machinery to produce top good for which they are paid barely enough. (The big money is selling lots of crappy items yo)

And thus I’m a struggling artist, working on his craft and making a way to allow it to grow and build into what I can make a living from without “day jobs” and such.

This may not be what you were looking for, but it’s where my mind is presently. cheers.