Doctors won't give me diagnosis

Hi all! I’m new here! I started watching the you tube channel over a year ago, and now I’m back. I’ve seen two doctors and neither will give me the diagnosis. The first one said he wouldn’t because my mom didn’t remember seeing any of my struggles when I was younger. The second doctor said it’s just anxiety. But based on my struggles, I know it’s more than that. How do I find a doctor who will actually listen without dismissing me??? (And yes I’m on anxiety meds that have helped tremendously with my anxiety and depression, but I know there’s more to it than that.) I just want to understand better and be able to get the support I need.

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Grrrr… I hate hearing this sort of thing. Dismissive doctors with glib throwaways, instead of digging deeper to find causes rather than just ticking the box for symptoms.

I’m not saying that you definitely have ADHD, but your symptoms surely deserve to be investigated.

I was similar. I didn’t know much about ADHD, and never considered it for myself. I would give my own diagnosis to the doctor, and then Hey Presto! I’d be on antidepressants.

I didn’t find out about ADHD until a couple of years ago at age 49. I found it myself, not any of the countless professionals I’d seen before. They had never shown any interest at all in underlying causes when I asked them to look.

Maybe try contacting people in your area with ADHD, and asking them if they can recommend someone who knows what they are talking about whe it comes to ADHD.

Otherwise, just keep forking out your money until you can get somebody who is able to do the job you pay them for.

You may or may not have ADHD, I don’t know you and I’m not qualified. But glib brush offs don’t help anybody.

Your own observations about yourself can give you an idea, and obviously ADHD is something that rings true with you.

Others have posted good advice here, such as make a list of the symptoms you have, and examples of the behaviour and situations which make you suspect ADHD as the cause.

Do as much homework as you can, research ADHD.

But also go in there with a blank slate, and be prepared to accept a doctor’s advice f it feels right.

If it doesn’t feel right, or if you think they are missing huge chunks of knowledge, logic, or reality, then keep moving until you find someone who has those qualities.

Good luck! You’re not alone, there have been plenty others exactly where you are now.


@Smoj has made good sense!



And btw: WELCOME!!


I think “brains” often see ADHD in others intuitively and more accurately and consistently than many doctors!

I was being interviewed by an anesthesiologist prior to an outpatient procedure. As he was talking to me, my
gastroenterologist snuck up behind him and jumped onto his back. The anesthesiologist knew exactly who it was and made some comical remark. Based on his reaction, along with other signals I was picking up . . . without hesitation I said:

“If you don’t mind a personal question, are you ADHD?”

“YES” . . . How’d you know?” . . . he asked.

“We belong to the same tribe!” . . . I replied.

I had no hesitation in asking him. He had no problem in confirming my “Diagnosis” . . .:joy:. Then we both laughed (and exchanged a few jokes!).

This is not the only example I could give you!

Let’s just call it “ADHD RADAR” or “SONAR” (if you are in the ocean or a swimming pool . . .:joy:).

Trust your “gut!”

And good luck . . .


When I first looked up ADHD symptoms, I was very confident that they wouldn’t be relevant to me, because I never considered myself to be hyperactive.

I didn’t know anything about it.

So when I read about it, I was pretty surprised by what I found. I ticked pretty much all the boxes, and it was instantly apparent that I have ADHD.

To me, it was pretty obvious. And the diagnosis just made it official. $450 later, thanks for coming.

I’ve also found myself noticing people with ADHD now.

At work, I don’t really mention it, except to those I think I can trust with the info.
9 out of 10 times, when I tell someone I have ADHD. they say something like “Really? So do I”

There appears to be a surprising number of us in the mining industry.


It can be pretty hard to get to a good doctor that is really interest in something more than the fee sometimes, but as said I guess the best bet is try to find someone with adhd that could indicate one for you or trying to dig for doctor that are specialized in adhd (if you didnt already did that), may gettign someone that is more familiar with it (or better yet have it too) can make the diagnosis a lot easier, just dont give up because you are having trouble with the diagnosis.

Also, as far as I know (but Im no doctor) anxiety is not a disease, its a symptom (a consequence) the cause can or cannot be related with adhd (in my case it is…) so the better approach should be to deal with the cause (the adhd) because otherwise you are only masking the problem by treating the consequence and not really solving the issue, its as useful as getting a headache med to someone who has aneurysm…

We recognize the patterns more easily I guess, also we tend to have a better empathy and be more aware of others feelings and behaviors so that might help with our adhd radar too…

Oh yeah and welcome! :grin:


Thank you! That was so helpful! Time for more research, lots of notes, and yet another search for a doc who will listen. So glad to have a community of folks who understand the struggle… and the struggle is REAL!


Thank you!


your most welcome