Does anyone actually really stare at squirrels?


Just wondering.

On a tangent saw a video about an Aussie on YouTube that was in Florida and was obsessed with flying squirrels.


I do :joy:


Lol thanks. It’s hard to be a brain


I don’t. It’s rude to stare.

I will glance at them and gleefully watch them and admire their tree-jumping skills any time, though.




Depends…What’s the aquirrel doing? Some squirrel behavior is ABSOLUTELY stareworthy!


Yes, it best to imagine them dancing to club music or EDM


I do, and I even have a little anecdote about it that I find a bit embarrassing bc I haven’t embraced the whole disability thing yet lol

In one of my classes freshman year of college (pre-diagnosis) we were assigned to groups of 3 or 4 and sent out to work on a page of spanish exercises together. My group decided to sit on a grassy hill next to one of our theaters (you can see where this is going…) I’ve always been a nature child and I love lying in the grass and reading, but this was work we had a set amount of time to finish. We all sit and open our books to get started, as they’re talking I notice a little squirrel not too far away and I start talking to it and trying to lure it to me with a little granola I happened to find in my backpack. Then I see a second squirrel! The squirrels notice eachother and start doing that little tango of interacting but not being sure about eachother yet (guess it was their first time meeting eachother, glad I was there to witness their moment) Anyway, somehow I went from talking to the squirrels to narrating the conversation they might have been having and of course by this time my group has noticed…
I’ll just stop there. Let’s just say I kept trying to get back on track with pretty much no success. I don’t let groups convince me to go outside anymore lol


Squirrels at a rave…


they’re so NOISY it’s like they’re demanding your attention.


I think it’s more about how distracting they can be.

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My boys both want this shirt


I legitimately did the “SQUIRREL” thing the other day coz it jumped down from a tree while I was looking outside and I love their little tails as they run so I literally stopped mid-way through a sentence and pointed at it and yelled “SQUIZZEL” so… yeah…




I don’t stare at them. I watch for them carefully. Little buggers just jump on out of bushes on campus and frighten the life out of me!! :smiley:


In Florida they have extra skin between their legs so they can glide. For real. Look it up.


If anyone needs a squirrel to watch:


xDDD I love videos like this so much!


Yes, my writing space is right near the outside world. I am often trying to write and just end up watching squirrels outside my window.


I live in NJ but work in NYC and they have black squirrels. They’re all over the place, especially in the Bronx. So yes, I stare at them! I mean… I also enjoy watching the typical grey ones…

BUT WAIT… FLYING SQUIRRELS??? How could you not?! I’ve never seen one in real life, but I’ve always felt a kinship to the flying squirrel…


Literally every day. Pigeons and rabbits too. I like to stare at them until they stare back. Or I see how close I can get to them before they run away. They’re curious little creatures, but this isn’t a terribly useful activity when I’m running late somewhere :joy: I seriously love pigeons