Does anyone actually really stare at squirrels?


:rofl: OMG I can’t stop watching the pole dancing squirrel video! Haha!!!


I never realised the “Oh! Look a squirrel!” was an ADHD stereotype until recently, but that has literally been me my whole life :joy:
I love squirrels. And well, any and all animals really!

My family and relatives would call me “Eko-Emilia” when I was a kid, cause I would always point out animals and creepy crawlies everywhere, and pick them up, give them names etc. I’d then build them fortresses (ants), aquariums (frog spawn), feed the spiders in their webs in our yard, try build squirrel traps (!!! :joy::joy::joy:), run around the yard trying to catch butterflies and bumble bees in an insect net. Feed the hedgehogs in our yard (love them even more than squirrels!)

And the list goes on and on…

Also, when I said “when I was a kid”… That was a bit misleading, cause I still love doing this :grin:
When I was in Australia a couple of years ago, I loved the amount of wildlife I saw there, everywhere! And I am clearly a bit impulsive and maybe not so wise for picking up half the animals I did…

My buddy Timothy I found in my friend’s garden ;D

Also - Possums!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Most definitely! I live in Florida so we have tons of them. Unfortunately it doesn’t get cold enough for them to get really chunky like the ones up north. I’ll waste so much time just watching them.


Lol that makes me smile when I read that.


When I was expected to sit through church as a child, I used to imagine squirrels running about the rafters.


Yes, especially on college campuses. Also just gleefully watch, nod in greating of the day.

If I catch sight of an elusive black squirrel I will definitely. I have only seen them on college campuses in the North East (US). I postulated that they in fact exist in quantized pairs with wavefunctions (their probablitity amplitude functions or orbitals) that have areas of greatest probablility density in one or more college campuses. We’ve already observed that they are the fastest squirrels. Of course this brought up the question of what is the spin of these elusive squirrels. Obviously it must be a non-integer spin since the basis for this postulate is that they seem to exhibit something similar to the Pauli exclusion principle and therefore are most likely fermions. If they are 1/2 spin and exist as pairs or if they are some other number is still unknown. Another somewhat controversial but fascinating hypothesis is that they are single squirrels in each wavefunction and we have a new form of statistics being obeyed.


Omg, you just meta-ADHDed.



Immediately reminds me of the movie Up. Those dogs all so fixed on squirrels. One squirrel passing. They all go: SQUIRREL!

Or Charlie at the chocolate factory. “Daddy, I want a squirrel. And not any ordinary squirrel. I want a trained squirrel.”
Love it :joy::joy::joy:

And yep I watch them too. They’re too cute to ignore :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I don’t mind finding other things to focus on. What I find profoundly disconcerting is when THEY stare at me!!


Wow that’s pretty deep… someone is distracted because they are staring at an ADHDer…


None the less a squirrel…


This might be the topic to earn the badge, “read 100 posts in one topic…”


Actually there is another topic trying to get that I’m going to add to that


squirrels in Sweden arent very big and they are more often then not up in the trees. No flying squirrels as far as I know.


How could i NOT stare at them? :smiley: They are so adorable… :heart:
I have NEVER seen flying squirrels O.O It must be one of the most epic things to happen. Supersquirrels :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::heart:


no they just stare at me :rofl: was on our holiday. Poor thing must have wondered why this weird human is always walking circles to find something or to remember something


Have you tried shaking the tree?




My grandmother was afraid of squirrels. When she and her 5 kids walked to the store, if she saw a squirrel ahead she would make them all cross to the other side of the street. My mom says one time she made them do it like 4 times because the squirrel kept crossing the street too. :rofl::joy:

My mother eventually figured out they weren’t dangerous when she had to walk by one BY HERSELF because she couldn’t avoid it. LOL


Talking about grandparents and quirkiness…when my grandpa used to use the microwave, he would make everybody get out of the kitchen so that they are not affected by the microwave beams.