Does anyone else have terrible indecisiveness?


I just did both of those this week! Default choice picking a restaurant, decision last minute. Meal choices undecided (even though I’d been looking at the menu online days before going & again at the restaurant) till the waiter asked me what I wanted.


Yes, that’s me nearly every day! I have a million things I’m excited to do but will spin undecided of where to start till I can’t take it any more & then numb myself out with social media or a nap just to make the spinning stop.

I do the same! If I’m not looking for a specific movie I know I want to see on Netfilx, then I will nearly always spend an hour or more browsing & then be over it & never watch a movie. And I don’t deal well with lots of sadness or any gore, so I’m always looking up the comments of advice for parents on things in the movie that might upset kids.


Oh my gosh YES! In almost every instance. Where to go eat. What to eat. What to get at the grocery store. What to wear is a horrible time for me. It so frustrating when what should take just a couple minutes for any one else, takes forever for me.


I totally suck at making decisions. My siblings tend to make decisions so fast and accurate like selecting between yes or no but for me it’s different. Anyway, for this reason my friends call me confused which I am not but just indecisive because I tend to complicate the opinions myself.


OMG I’M SO INDECISIVE TOO! Deciding what to eat takes forever for me! I’m so bad that I sometimes forget to eat for an entire day just because I can’t figure out what I want to eat (and then I forget that I’m hungry) :joy::sweat_smile:


Yes. The household chores or office projects. I would rather be told what to do and having to step out of my comfort zone as I was just promoted to a manager level at work.


Yea I get indesisive, or I think I do, maybe I don’t, I’m not sure :joy:


Yes smoke a ciggie, nicotine is the king for making choices


I’m so glad I read this!!
(I’ve created an account just so I can reply!!)
I’m undiagnosed up to press but I’ve never been more sure of anything than I am that I’m a brain!

The one trait that I don’t seem to have in spades in the impulsivity… because I am cripplingly indecisive!!
It drives my partner crazy!!
Food in a resturant or even down to what tv show to watch (sometimes just from a choice of 2!!)
:joy::joy: I hadn’t realised the coping strategy I was using of just ‘wait for the waiter to turn up’ … but it makes sense… it’s a deadline. :joy::joy:
It’s even worse with big purchases like a mobile phone or car…
I read tonnes of reviews, write pro and con lists… ask opinions, watch videos… even when I’m 99% sure I know what I want I still seem to put off making the final decision and pressing ‘order’ for ages!!!

I’m relieved it’s not just me and that it looks like it still is an ADHD trait, just not impulisivity! Lol

Thanks everyone!