Does anyone else here have an inability to recognize faces (Prosopagnosia)?


There is something called aphantasia, but honestly I am not sure if it is only that some of us are more peculiar, or nerdy, about what qualifies as an image


I have a poor working memory so if i was asked to describe a person or remember their name i would do a fairly poor job of it. Lets hope i never have to pick a criminal out of a line up or the wrong person will be hading to prison.

Man i love the human brain its not until you come accross people who have issues with things you take for granted that you realise what an absolutely massive amount of things it dose every second of every day. And when it stops doing even one or two of those things well what a big impact it can have even if the owner of that brain has no real idea that they have a faulty bit.


I really struggle with recognising faces and remebering names, I must come across really rude to others sometimes, can be embarrassing too when I see someone I know and start talking to them before realising that they’re not the person I thought they were, and we’ve never met before.