Does anyone have experience with for ADHD treatment? Not an ad, just really confused with the process for getting a prescription.

I’m in the process of trying to get my first prescription for ADHD medication, and the whole process has been quite confusing. It’s taken a month now from the moment I first asked my doctor about what to do, until today where I’m texting a completely different primary care physician, hoping he can mail me a prescription that I can take to my pharmacy. I’ve never picked up a prescription for myself before (till now, I’m on no other medications), so I don’t know what will happen from there.

It just feels frustrating that it seems like I’m stumbling my way through this process instead of following a clear and concise roadmap to treatment. I guess the internet algorithms notice how much ADHD content I’ve been reading online and showed me an ad for The website seems to suggest that it makes the whole process as quick and painless as possible. The price seems reasonable, too, although I don’t have much of a frame of reference.

Has anyone ever tried How was your experience?

For context, this has been my journey so far:

  1. Start counseling via BetterHelp after coming to terms that something is wrong with me affecting my work and personal life.
  2. After two months, therapy has helped a lot, but I realize there seems to be something inexplicable and physiological holding me back.
  3. Start researching ADHD. Discover How to ADHD YouTube channel and other resources online.
  4. After a week of reading and watching, I become convinced that I have it.
  5. Talk to my doctor about getting a referral for testing for ADHD. This is where the frustration begins. I would later learn that a PCP can evaluate and prescribe without getting a specialist involved, but my PCP didn’t tell me this. She just took my copay and did the bare minimum of what I asked .
  6. Call all of the referrals given by PCP. Some only treat children. Others are out-of-business.
  7. Ask for a list from an insurance provider - call all thirty on the list. Half only treat kids or seniors. A bunch is out of service.
  8. Manage to get a call back from a few psychologists. Take the one that can set up the fastest appointment: ten days away.
  9. Go in for evaluation takes about 3.5 hours. The psychologist informs me that it’ll take two weeks for her to write the full report. She also tells me that as an adult, my PCP could prescribe without the report.
  10. Go back to my PCP. I tell her what the psychologist told me. She says she needs to either see the report from my psychologist or get evaluated by her office directly. If I had known the latter was an option, I would have done that, but now I’m not going to pay for two evaluations. I decide to wait for two weeks.
  11. After two weeks, receive the report from my psychologist, forward the report to my PCP, and set up an appointment for Friday afternoon (shelling out another copay). The appointment lasts 10 minutes, where she informs me that she can’t write the script and that it needs to be referred to a psychiatrist. I repeat what the psychologist told me; she insists a psychiatrist needs to write the script. I ask her for referrals.
  12. I call all of her referrals; none of them work.
  13. I go on my insurance provider website to pull up a list of psychiatrists. No one is answering the phone because it’s Friday evening at this point.
  14. I drive to a couple of hospitals - they all tell me I would need to go their outpatient care, which doesn’t open until Monday. Or I can go to the emergency room - but I have no idea what that would cost. I give up for the day.
  15. I stumble upon ZocDoc and book a telephone appointment with the first doctor to see me on a Saturday. He’s out of network, so I pay a higher fee for the office visit.
  16. I don’t remember why, but the doctor says he can’t write a prescription that same day, but that he would call my pharmacy and see what their prescription requirements for Adderall were.
  17. I give him the contact info for the nearest CVS pharmacy. The pharmacy is closed; the doctor says he’ll try again tomorrow (Sunday).
  18. The next day, no update.
  19. This morning, I got a text saying the pharmacy only accepts hand-written or e-script prescriptions. Unfortunately, the doctor’s office can’t do an e-script at this time. They can mail the hand-written prescription, but I would need to cover the cost of express mail. I agree to cover the cost of express shipping.
  20. Here we are now; I’m waiting for a confirmation from the doctor’s office that they mailed the prescription and for a link to pay for the express mail.

I have a feeling there are way too many unnecessary steps here. The final doctor writing my prescription hasn’t even seen the report I waited two weeks to get. Don’t know if he still needs it; he hasn’t asked for it yet. I’m an adult in my twenties. What has your experience been getting your first prescription as an adult?


If you’re trying to get an ADHD medication that is a controlled substance it is a very frustrating process. In most states you need a physical prescription to turn in to the pharmacy and you have to show ID and sign for the medication. I haven’t heard of people having much luck with online prescribers. From looking into this one that you mentioned there may be a subscription fee in order to participate in it, and they may also ask you get assessed again.

I don’t really have good advice in this situation. I just know that the process is very frustrating. In my state it feels like you’re constantly being scrutinized and judged for filling stimulant medications, especially as an adult.


Thanks, @quietlylost for the response!

I’m really hoping that there are no more complications fulfilling the prescription once I get the script… but at this rate, I don’t know what to expect. Update as of Monday 6:00 pm is the doctor still hasn’t mailed out the prescription, and I worry they won’t send it out in time and I’ll have to wait another day before I get the medication I need. I do find it a little funny that I’ve gone two decades without this medication, but now that I know it’ll help me every hour without it is torment.

I searched on Reddit and found a couple of threads with positive reviews for DoneFirst. The second thread suggests something fishy going on with the reviews, but I have yet to see anyone write anything negative about it. There’s another service called HelloAhead that seems to offer the same service except for other mental illnesses beyond ADHD. I might try the latter just so that if I have a positive experience with it, I have something I can refer to for others on their journey towards treatment.


I just want to point out that not all ADHD medication is a control substance. There are re-uptake inhibitors that are not subjected to schedule II laws like Strattera (Atomoxetine) or Wellbutrin or other none ADHD medication that can assist with ADHD. You would have to talk to a doctor to find out what best fits your needs. But let’s not generalize all ADHD medication as a control substance. That is a bit misleading for people trying to seek ADHD medicine.


You are correct. And in my post I didn’t generalize, but I can see how it was interpreted that way. I myself was on Wellbutrin for a while. I thought I’d be tried next on Strattera, but my provider switched to Vyvanse.

Sorry for any confusion due to the syntax!


As a MSW, I have some real experience and credibility over the last 13 years. DONE truly sucks! I’m so angry and disappointed. No one shells out $200 for non stimulants! I wish them the worst!


I had my first visit last week. I thought it would be more convenient than finding to a local doctor. A prescription was to be called in. Here we are almost a week later and no RX called in.

Hey Friend. I just had an appt with them and they scheduled my appt from 9am to 3pm like…10 minutes before our appointment which is REALLY frustrating. they just assumed I could do 3pm. NOT okay. secondly…GET OFF betterhelp.

It might be too late but they sell ALL your information. if you look in their privacy and compliance section they basically tell you that you are just a data mine. SUPER frustrating.

I feel like this might be more or less the same thing and I dunno…it doesnt feel good.

Like, how do you get a prescription refill if there is no one to call or if you dont like the medication youve received. NO ONE has a walk through on any of it.

So you arent alone in the sketchiness.


hmmmm yahhh i dont trust this shit at all.
I think its just time to find another doctor.

I’ve been with for 2 months now. Surprisingly it worked & really easy. However, if you are more than 7min late or miss the virtual telemed appointment, you’re out the $80 and can reschedule for $125! Luckily I haven’t had that problem yet. I was on Adderall for 12yrs. I stopped taking it a couple years ago because I felt like it wasn’t helping anymore. I was at the same dose the entire time. Maybe I just got too used to it, idk. I started working from home… Well, I am trying to work from home. It is way harder than I expected it to be. I figured I better get back on my meds. I tried finding a new Dr locally but no one was taking new patients because of covid. I saw an ad for donefirst and figured I’d give it a shot. I was paying $50/mo for the office visits and my insurance covered the rx for 12yrs. Donefirst is $30 more (which is a lot) but it’s such a pain trying to find a new Dr locally. So far, I have no ccomplaints. If you’re wondering if they’re legit, they are. I’ve read that Ahead ( had better overall reviews than Done, but it’s not available in my state. Hope this helps.

From what I’ve learned about ADHD meds, particularly the stimulants, most people need to have an increase after several months or years, or maybe switch to a different medication, or a combination of medications.

The stimulant that I have the most experience with is caffeine (I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 12). Every once in a while, I develop a tolerance, and I go on a caffeine-fast (cutting out all caffeine for at least 5 days). Then, it’s effective again.
I know that some people with ADHD will take medication “holidays” from stimulant meds.

I did tell my Dr & his NP on several different appts over the last 18mo I was a patient there. I only took it on the days I had to go to work, and I was a part-timer then (3-4days/wk). I did know about taking little breaks from the meds & how it can be beneficial. But towards the end, I’d be on an extended holiday each month-- only taking meds on 5-10 days/mo. Additionally, I tried switching to the XR’s, then Ritalin, then went back to my usual rx. I also had Wellbutrin in the mix briefly, to help with quitting smoking. The Dr would just tell me to make sure I’m taking a lil holiday from the meds once in a while… I explained that I’m on holiday longer than days I actually take the meds every month. That shouldn’t be right…? Maybe I’m immune to it after so long?.. Idk. I just figured the Dr wasn’t listening at all OR he just didn’t give a shit. Either way, I was wasting $50/mo and getting nowhere that’s remotely helpful. He gave me 3mo of Strattera that I didn’t ask for (that was my parting gift after 12yrs lol) on my last appt.

Hopefully, this time around it works for me. I don’t know what else to try that’ll help with the chaos that is my “work-from-home job” and scatter-brained self.
Thanks for the input :slightly_smiling_face:

Just curious about something… Did your meds become less effective before or after you quit smoking?

I heard that many people work ADHD respond to nicotine as a stimulant, and I found this study when I did a quick search:

My oldest child (stepdaughter, age 28) is a smoker. She started smoking in secret while in her early teens. She was never diagnosed, but I suspect that her extraordinary energy as a child was ADHD, Hyperactive-Impulsive presentation. She calmed down (activity-wise) about the time she started smoking. Or, the change in behavior may simply have been due to body changes, as she entered adolescence. (We dealt with teenage rebellion issues then, but the hyperactivity was much diminished.)

Yes, Initially they are great but have had many issues using them over the past year, will be looking to switch to a traditional provider if I can ever get off a waiting list. Try to avoid done if you can

Hello @Trevor . Welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

Thanks for the feedback about Done First.

I was fortunate to get my initial ADHD support through a local licensed counselor, thanks to an employee benefit through my employer.

  • After the counselor made the diagnosis, my doctor confirmed it via a questionnaire on the exam room computer.

Later, my doctor put in a referral for me to be seen by a psychiatrist, for a more thorough screening, but after six months I was still on the wait list and couldn’t even be put on the calendar months out. (The psychiatrist was inundated with new patients as soon as the pandemic panic began, and was still booked solid a year and a half later.) - I’m in the US, and I’m glad that the state I live in includes licensed counselors and general practitioner doctors among the professionals who can make an ADHD diagnosis.