Does anyone have tips on how to adapt to a new work/sleep schedule?


My boss has decided to move me from 1st shift (6:00am-2:30pm) to 3rd shift (10:00pm-6:30am) in July and I have no clue how to prepare for this. I have trouble waking up at 4am now, I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be when I have to work at night and sleep during the day.



The only experience I’ve had of working nights is when I worked in a care home and you did 24 hour shifts, you did get time to sleep at night but often the night time was very busy, so often had to sleep at home during the day on my days off.
The working at night wasn’t a problem but i found it really messed up my sleep routine at home, which I struggle with anyway so I eventually had to get another job.
Sorry I can’t give any useful advice, just that working nights didn’t work for me, so be prepared to look for alternatives just in case it doesn’t work out for you too.

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Yike! Really! Is there not a workplace-accommodation type of requirement for ADHD people that prevents your boss from doing that to you? I really don’t know, I’m not suggesting that I have knowledge of anything here, I am just surprised that this is happening.



I have an appointment with a psychiatrist in a few weeks, maybe I’ll mention it



yeah seems like that might be a possibility :slight_smile: good luck with it :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, @tutu8896!

I have no idea either, just wanted to be supportive. I agree this might be a good time to look for a plan B,but maybe also keep an open mind in case you love it after all?

I used to do rolling shift patterns and the 6am starts were a killer, and my favourite shift was 4pm to midnight. I’ve always been a bit of an evening person, but staying up all night is a different thing altogether.

If you take meds, when should you take them? (ask your psychiatrist?) My brain hurts just trying to work that out.

And what if you have trouble sleeping in the daytime? I would worry about getting enough sleep if this were me. I think I would be tempted to do social stuff in the daytime and then realise too late that I didn’t allow enough aleep time.

Let us know how you deal with this?

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Thanks for the reply, those are my worries too. I take a lot of medication and this is going to throw it all off



Swapping someone’s shift like that is kinda a Big Thing and better have come with a pay raise or something to off set it… Shifting your sleep patterns is a huge problem for people of all brain types and really isn’t something to be taken lightly or without good reason.

I’d do some research online on how just general tips for shifting to be a day-sleeper. Somethings are universal across brain types and working out how to sleep against the sun I think is one of them…



I get a $1 raise. I have a hard time sleeping at night so who knows how my body will respond to this lol



Not too bad.

Who knows, maybe your brain will decide it wants to be a cat and sleep in a sunbeam :smiley: Luck!

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