Does sugar affect Adderall or does electronic or does both ?

So I’ve had ADHD for 7 years now and am 16. I been having thus question forever now and just want to ask it and see if I can get an answer for it. I take 10mg of Adderall everyday in the morning and it help in school but sometimes I’m asking when I’m on it and I eat something sugar does it like shut down because I don’t know if it still works for me. It’s like today for example I did that exact thing I told you and it’s like today I’m not remember stuff getting it and am on a different planet. It’s like everything I do j don’t get it I don’t get bio algebra world history like do people not know a lot of thus stuff even without ADHD? Does devices make you lose focus and stuff because you cannot stoo thinking about them it get off just like they say they make you dumber? Maybe that’s what us on why thus stuff is happening to me. To be honest I think I got dumber. Someone please explain.

Medication questions are really good to ask the doctor prescribing it. Usually medications metabolize at a certain rate in the body over an amount of time, but I’m not sure if food in general would affect that rate. It sounds like it may be worth a discussion too if it seems like the medication isn’t as effective as you’d like it to be. When do you see your prescribing person next?

It sounds too like you’re having trouble getting organized and with transitions during the day. That’s a lot to try to problem solve. I don’t know if you’ve used any strategies to help, but sometimes I find making a plan each day or even each hour can be helpful. Maybe while you’re in one class try to spend a second writing down what you have to do for the next. Or, the night before, set reminders in your phone for things that happen. Keeping focus is really hard, and there are lots of ways that may be worth trying. I think there are several tips worth checking out on the Youtube channel. If you don’t have a therapist or coach yet, it could be great to get one of those too. If you do have one, write down some of these things you’re noticing. Reference your forum posts if you have to. Save them on your phone. Try to keep track of what things are hard, when they’re the most difficult, and what happens after they’re over.

I can only offer my personal experience about devices. I do think they contribute to lack of focus. “Task switching” can be difficult already but when you’re constantly doing it with something like a phone or laptop it can be difficult to stay engaged in any one thing. In the past I’ve had to turn off my device and leave it off for the duration of the day or the meeting so that I’m not tempted to look at it. I have also uninstalled certain apps from the phone that distract me more. For example, I’ve removed facebook and messenger because they constantly make it hard for me to focus.

I don’t know what will work best for you, but I’d say definitely talk to the providers you see. Also, keep doing your best and keep believing in yourself. Good luck!

I don’t know about sugar, but you might want to ask your doctor about doing a DNA test to check for how your specific body chemistry interacts with Adderall (or any other drugs he or she may want to prescribe for ADHD) I was frustrated by how Adderall seemed to stop working for me and I got the test. They discovered that my body metabolizes it so quickly that it does not work for me. The bad news is that Adderall doesn’t work for me. The good news is that I’m no longer wasting money on a Rx that doesn’t work. Sorry I didn’t have an answer about sugar, but maybe your doctor can do the test & get your answer.

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