Does treating ADHD help with the need to move/change jobs, etc

Hi, I’m not yet diagnosed having only recently discovered what ADHD actually is (thank you coronavirus for cancelling my first psych appointment) but I fulfil criteria for combined type ADHD. Quite excited about the prospect of getting diagnosed given all these 38 years of being totally hopeless at certain things now make sense. Currently working with a psychologist via video meetings as started that before the virus shut things down and that’s slowly helping me.

But what I’m really interested in - I guess more from those diagnosed and treated as adults - do others feel incredibly itchy feet and feel the need to make major life changes on a regular basis? And did treating your ADHD with medications help with those feelings?

I’m a doctor and have swapped jobs either within a hospital/health service or between different hospitals/health service or between different medical specialities every 3-24 months for the past 15 years…and those longer 24 month periods have been difficult towards the end with me feeling super restless and in need of a change (even moved states once and started working there whilst flying back in to finish my shifts in the other city). In the past few years I’ve moved from one side of Australia to the other and back again repeatedly.

I’m currently feeling that restlessness again particularly with the prospect of my current short term contracts morphing into longer term/permanent ones. Hoping that my having several different work places (including some very different roles) will help but right now I’m 8 months into one of my contracts and have now been physically in Sydney since mid 2018 and I’m feeling very restless and in need of a change.

Am wondering if holding out and waiting to see if medication might help with this or if regardless of treatment that I’ll likely always have these kinds of feelings? Or whether a substitution change like moving apartments or area where I live might help enough? Or if anyone has any suggestions?

I moved to Sydney because it allows me to do my dream job - and can only do that part time. So got to mix it up with other stuff as well.

What have other people found in their experience and what have they found helped with this? I can’t keep moving interstate every year.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Jill, I used to have a big problem with staying in one place and one job when I was younger, I can’t say that I had much/any direction with this, there was no plan at all, just launching myself out of one place and into another.

I would say that you have the classic ADHD traits, losing motivation/interest once the novelty of a situation has worn off and also acting impulsively to try and increase self-stimulation. I’m not sure if medication will help with these kind of major decisions/events. I think meds are usually more of a day to day benefit, if you are less distracted and more focused, or however your daily issues manifest, maybe it could help to find more inspiration again in your current job/location. My feeling is that these types of problem would be better helped through your psychologist, maybe discuss the subject with the therapist. At least you can recognise the problem and know that you would like to change your behaviour sooner rather than later, so that’s a big positive.

Maybe meds will help you with this, I can’t say persoanlly, but the only way to know is give it a go. Maybe try and hold out for a bit longer where you are, rather than going through the big upheaval of physically moving to scratch a psychological itch. I guess it depends how long the wait is likely to be until you can try meds, it can take a while to find the right med at the right dose, I’m sure you know that already. If you have any spare time, maybe try to find a new interest or hobby that will give you some new mental stimulation and a bit of a distraction.

I know there are lots of maybes here, sorry, I don’t actually have a definitive answer for you. Good luck with finding some help!

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Thanks, that’s helpful. Started on treatment. Has helped with somethings a bit but not others. But at the start of the journey so will try and be patient.

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