I must ask - as I recently got into Doom (ie: Doom 2016, first play through in 2018 cause… procrastination :smiley: )… any DOOM fans? New or old? :smiley:

I might be playing it now…

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Omg I’ve played all versions of doom

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Also duke nukem

I love doom, every version i have played i have loved.

Duke Nukem! The pre-vaporware original… What a game! We used to LAN that around the share house I was living in at the time. The neighbours almost called the cops from all the shouting and swearing across the house. I think that was around 1995.

The original Doom was the other one we played. My first modding experience… Me and my mates modeled our house and played it in Doom.

Also the original Warcraft… Way, way before World of Warcraft. It was a beautifully balanced game, almost asymmetrical as well. You got to control a whopping four characters at the same time!

Then Command and Conquer came out…

I first played doom 2016 this year because it became available for Nintendo switch, only a few levels in but I love it, then they released Doom 1993 and doom 2 and 3 on to download for switch and I snapped them all up for under $30AUD, I keep bouncing between them all (I’ve got too many games and keep buying more lol) loving every minute of it

I played the first Doom when it was new. Also Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, Hexen, Heretic, Quake, and so many others. Ahh, memories. :heart:

ok ok i am not a doom fan but doom is known for being played on things it shouldnt be like atm machines and that stuff and i installed tons of games on my calculator recently just so i could play video games in class and no one would know but with the low specks i only got games like flappy bird and chess and pacman all those games