Dose changes + work


I’m having a nightmare at work at the moment. I’m between jobs (I technically have 3 jobs this month) and am still in the stage of my diagnosis where I am playing around with meds, aka, my dose is changing slightly every few weeks. Every time it changes, I have no clue how it’s going to affect me. I’m currently on ‘light duties’ at my current job. I feel like I can’t trust myself to do anything! I’m getting mad insomnia from the meds, as well as headaches and other fun side effects. Sometimes the crash is unbearable.

I think my employers are generally understanding of it and make any allowances I need, which is good. But my confidence is going down and I feel really useless. How do you cope when you are still looking for the right meds?


How closely are you working with your psych on this?
It can be hard. I remember I had to cut out all caffeine during the stage you’re at. Hormones can impact and anxiety too.
Tiredness can throw your routine off. Be as kind to yourself as possible and try to remind yourself that this too shall pass.