Dr. Ed Hallowell

Anyone else here watch Dr. Hallowell last night? It was on zoom and one needed to register to have access, though it was free. I’d be interested to get fellow :brain::brain::brain:’s feedback!



I wish I’d known about it. I probably couldn’t have spared the time, but I would certainly have tried to be on the call.

Zoom meetings can be recorded (in one of two ways via Zoom directly, but of course there are other ways to record a video stream). I expect that at least one recording of the meeting will be posted on YouTube.

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If I heard right, all of those who participated last night will receive a copy of the program. I don’t know if that will be a YouTube or what. Unless there’s a compelling reason that I cannot pass it onto you I will do that. So stay tuned!


PS: On a different topic entirely, my son’s first and middle names: Joshua David.

Hmmmmm . . . j_d . . . :thinking:


Well, I’ll be honest that “JD” represents my actual first and middle initials, and ‘D’ does in fact stand for “David”.

I just added my blog webpage address to my forum profile.

(I started creating the blog last September, but discovered today that I forgot to actually publish the page! Now I feel like I have to add that to the “You know you have ADHD when…” thread. :laughing:)

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Cool :sunglasses: . . .

I guess I’ll have to live with the unknown meaning of your “J”! :joy:


I’m generally a very private person, so since this is a public forum, I’ve decided to abbreviate my first name and leave out my last name.

Prior to finding this forum, I had decided on a pen name in two formats:

  • “David Aengus” to publish fiction works under
  • “JD Aengus” to publish non-fiction works under

The blog name combines both.

About “Aengus”

I grew up in the Roman Catholic church, and when I went through the rite of Confirmation, I chose a saint’s name for myself. I chose the name “Aengus” as a Gaelic form of “Angus”, which means “excellence”. I was probably influenced by the fact that about that same time the first name of the TV character MacGuyver had been revealed to be “Angus”. (I couldn’t tell you anything about St. Angus, though. I didn’t do much research into the official source of my Confirmation name.)

“Aengus” is a name that I chose for myself, so it is meaningful for me, but it’s not part of my legal name and is not a preferred name that I go by. Which is why I go by “JD” here on the forum.

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