Eating is Borring

Eating is boring and I only did it consistently when it was like an event (aka eating with friends), which doesn’t happen much anymore. How can I get myself to eat more consistently?

I don’t really feel hungry that often until it’s too late to really eat, or I do I ignore it (because I’m likely doing other stuff) just long enough for the feeling to go away and then I forget all together that I was hungry and had to eat. Any advice?


Do you take any meds?

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nope, no meds

(Actually was kinda scared to go on meds because of things like this)


Hmmm Idk then I was wondering if it could be a side effect of meds

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I keep things like almonds, some fruit, yogurt, salad/sandwich makings, easy to prepare meals etc. around. I don’t have a regular eating schedule any more but I typically eat two bigger meals and otherwise eat a small snack 2 - 3 times, easy to do during some breaks. I keep an eye on how much food and what kind so as eat roughly balanced food and the right amount. Mostly healthy foods as they last longer :slight_smile: Note that taking a break every half hour or so is a good idea anyway and one way to make that happen is drink lots of water or tea or coffee! Snacking also helps in that you don’t eat long enough to want to sit down at a computer and browse the Internet and lose track of time.


What @khagen said. My therapist has me setting alarms to snack during the day. Plus exercising helps with appetite.


Ugh another way exercise helps :slight_smile: (ps this is a joke)


:sunglasses: Keep the jokes coming! Humor is what I use to soothe the soul (at least my soul . . . :rofl:):exclamation::exclamation:

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Lol I forgot all about this!