Emotional Dysregulation (Just Moved to DC)


Hey everyone.

I had such a hard time without my meds in Nigeria that I moved back to the states. Decided to try something new and move to DC. It’s overwhelming to say the least and granted I’m with a lot of great friends that are like family to me. But most of them don’t really get ADHD. I get, though, that many people won’t just know about ADHD until someone teaches them but I have a hard time even talking about it (even TYPING this in a coffee shop) or really even talking about ANYTHING sad or overwhelming to me or someone else without breaking down in tears. And yeah its fitting in certain situations but I mean, I’m an adult now (:grin:) and I want to be seen as mature… not sensitive or- like someone said to me the other day- naive. I want to have a certain level of decorum and I’m tired, so so tired, of blubbering like a baby at the drop of a hat.

Has anyone mastered this area of emotional dysregulation? What do you do to keep from crying in serious conversations/situations where you feel like crying?

Any support groups in DC proper?


What I do to keep from crying in serious situations is… deep breathing. I find that deep breathing helps a lot, so just take a few deep breaths. I also find having fidget toys helps, I usually have one with me. But- here are some articles with more ways that might help you!

How to stop crying quickly because it happens to all of us - This article has some pretty good ways!

4 Ways to Stop Yourself from Crying - This article also has some really good strategies!

Let me know if these helped! :smile: