Emotional Dysregulation


I’ve found out over my lifetime that I cry very easily, for example when I do something wrong or when I am angry. I hate that this happens, and I really want it to stop. I’ve seen the video on emotional dysregulation, but I’ve been wondering if you guys have coping strategies besides the glitter bottle because it seems a bit to big and obvious for me to carry it around all the time.


Hello @Ripstik05,
I’m certainly not a master at this, myself. It takes practice, I am sure, but I think it also takes patience- with ourself.
If you’re anything like me you have a lot of “tapes” that play in your head, either from past self-admonishments, or from others’.
They aren’t always fair, or deserved- like the punishment doesn’t often fit the crime.
I would say, notice them, feel your feelings, breathe a few deep breaths, and then let it pass. If you find there are certain venues/activities that evoke this kind of response from you more often than others, what is it?
I quit FB for a year because it was just too provocative to my emotions. It’s true that I had a lot of things- like stressors- going on in my life simultaneously though. My nerves were pretty shot, and I was vulnerable to cry at the first puppy, baby, perfectly draught lager I would see.
I would ask yourself what else is going on.
Are you taking care of the basics like eating enough, practicing hygiene, sleeping a good amount, and getting the basic level of exercise?
Overall, I think it could be the result of a lot of things, and it’s ok too, to be sensitive. Be kind to yourself.
Might be a great time to get a healthy dose of journaling done. You may have something that’s trying to work it’s way out! :slight_smile:


I have this problem too @Ripstik05. And it’s almost always in situations where I feel ashamed for messing up or not living up to expectations, either mine or someone else’s. It’s especially humiliating when it happens at work during a review or reprimand. I’m not a “crybaby”. I can handle a crisis as cool as a cucumber. But when I am feeling evaluated or judged I get soooooooo emotional and teary. I don’t have any advice, really. Although, for the employment reviews my therapist helped me reframe it. He reminded me that it is my supervisor’s job to guide me and help me improve. No one is perfect, so it’s unreasonable to expect my supervisor to just say “whelp, you’re doing fine. see you next year.” When they tell me where I’ve fallen short, it isn’t to make me feel bad, it’s to let me know where to focus my efforts. That’s helped me a lot this past year.


Thank you so much for letting me know how to deal with it a little bit!


Thank you for the advice! I will definitely take this into mind.


I have problems with this too. I haven’t really got any ways of coping other than trying to distract myself (I’m a master at distracting myself which isn’t very healthy but I’m working on it!) but I just wanted to let you know that’s youre not alone in it :slight_smile:

I also attempt to meditate by getting myself out of the emotional situation and practicing some breathing.


I’ll definitely the breathing, because I’ve noticed that it’s hard to control myself when I’m upset. Thanks for the advice!