Emotional Minefield at the same time every day

Hi All,

In the Winter, where I’m located, it gets dark at around 4pm and traffic starts to get really slow at all hours of the day. This time of year my life doesn’t look like a life I really enjoy:

  • Wake up in the dark
  • Eat breakfast in the dark
  • Drive to work (or work from my office at home) in the Dark
  • Grey dim sky for a few hours
  • Eat lunch while trying to get a glimpse of the sun
  • Drive home in bumper to bumper traffic if I drove to work, in the dark
  • Walk my dog, lift weights (in the dark)
  • Slightly better than bumper to bumper traffic if I have errands to run (in the dark)
  • Eat dinner in the dark

I hit an “emotional minefield” at about 4pm that lasts until 6-7pm, it’s been easier to not have outbursts during this time since starting medication but the feeling is still there.

I think it’s the combination of traffic - which takes about a spoon per second for me to drive in - and cold/constant darkness.

What do you guys do about repeat stressors that come up at the same time of year?


i try and get myself as involved in another activity as possible. Maybe you could have an audio book on while driving? I’ve also heard that sun lamps are supposed to help around this time of the year but I’m not entirely sure. Is there anything you could do that would help relieve that outburst-y feeling?

As for me and repeat stressors, I handle it really badly so no advice there :sweat_smile: however, I have figured out a ( slightly unhealthy) way to deal with my year-round irritation that occurs during dusk. I will either
A. Stay in a windowless room and do as much work as possible so I’m productive while burying my frustration B. Take a nap while it’s light, refuse to get up until it’s completely dark, and work until very late at night or
C. Take a shower and get completely ready for bed then eat dinner and do work afterwards.

You’re not alone and I hope you figure something out :blush:

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So… You get weird at Dusk too?

I wonder if any other Brains do…

I’m going to give the shower suggestion a try. Another thing that I know has helped in the past is playing Starcraft 2 as soon as I get home, which admittedly I’ve fallen off the wagon at doing.

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Yup!! It drives me absolutely nuts

Mmhhhh I don’t know :thinking: would be interesting though if we weren’t the only ones



Hi! I hate the short winter days.

The winter solstice is actually my little brothers birthday (:laughing:) so I always mark it mentally and keep telling myself the days are getting longer.
I’m grew up in the UK and the weather is mad there. It’s rare to have the same weather all day long, let alone all week/month long.
I now live in northern Germany. You can have the same grey and on off wet weather for what feels like Oct-April :slightly_frowning_face:

It makes a huge difference if I get out of the house for a walk during daylight hours.
And I also take a huge dose of a vitamin D supplement which is an oil every week. That makes a huge difference to my mood.

I think 30 minutes of exercise is the golden number to aim for - just a walk will do - but if I can only manage 15 minutes that still helps a lot!!

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I can totally relate to your bullet points. I’m in Michigan, so it’s much the same here.

For me, I try to focus on some self care during the winter months. I try to make an effort to still get out and do things that are helpful to me. I also stay engaged in therapy and with friends as much as possible. It’s easy to isolate.

When it does get nice or sunny outside on weekends, I try to get out and force myself to be outside to soak it up. I’ve found that even if it’s snowy, being outside in the sun helps when I can get a chance.

Mostly I’d say just focus on taking care of you. Find ways to manage some of the frustration. On the drive home I use podcasts (a lot of them ADHD related) or music. Sometimes I just turn off everything and need the silence. I also try to let go of the things I can’t control, and when possible just let traffic happen. I’m not always able to do it, but when I do it helps me immensely.

Thanks for sharing! Good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with these regularly in the winter months.

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