Emotional support DOG


I have anxiety and I have HUGE BREAKDOWNS after school and I am very emotional and just wondering if I need an emotional support DOG because animals make me happy because they dont judge you or say mean things to you and I am wondering if its a good IDEA???


Hi yah


I’ve never had an emotional support dog per se. But I do have a dog at home with my parents in Finland, and it’s always the highlight of my visits home to see my dog :blush: (is that a horrible thing to say? Haha. Obviously it’s great to see my family too!)

I do feel she helps me be calm, and she instantly makes me happy when I get home, despite what a crappy day I may have had prior, because she is unconditionally always so excited to see me and give me allthe kisses! :grin:

I would loooooove to have my ”own” dog here in Scotland, but unfortunately my life situation is too uncertain etc. for me to commit to a dog at this point, which is something you have to consider.

Do you have the time to commit to this dog? They need to be walked at least 3 times a day and/or have an outdoor space where they can run around freely and play and get exercise. Not to mention the time and/or money needed to train the pup.
Do you have the money to buy the dog, get pet insurance, get all the required toys and miscellaneous items the dog will need, dog food.
Having a dog is not cheap. Especially if you get a big one.

Do you have friends and/or family who can help you with your dog in the event that you’re indisposed, or a kennel nearby where you can take them if you’re going away.


A lot to think about, and a big commitment both in terms of time and money.

But the joy a dog brings into your life is invaluable :blush: and can also help with maintaining routines and potentially socialising too :slight_smile:


Ehh, Kate is turning 13 soon…:sweat_smile: I think all responsibility falls on her parents…




I think for my 13 birthday I want an emotional support DOG!!!


I think you might want to discuss with your parents first. Having a dog costs a LOT of money and is a huge responsibility, and you can’t just ask your parents to take care of it. YOU have to be responsible for another living being, raise it and train it properly, and treat it well…


I know how much of a respncibility it is because I used to have a dog and it died because of cancer in his nose and he also had diabetes Lyme desese and arthritis in his back legs. and his name was Lewis he was my best friend bet he is long gone. he died in 2014. but I MISS HIM SO MUCH SO SO SO MUCH!!!:sob::sob::sob::sob: He was 12.


Sorry to hear about your former dog… But remember that dogs don’t usually live that long, your old dog lived to be something like 84 in human years.:heart::sweat_smile:
But if you’re ready to say goodbye again in 8-12 years, I think maybe raising the issue with your parents could be an idea. Especially if you’re able to walk the dog now (I don’t know how big you are, but dogs get big and strong pretty fast, hehe…:sweat_smile:), so your parents won’t be the only people responsible for it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But financially, it’s still a big deal, so if your parents say no, please try to accept that too.:sweat_smile::blush:


thanks and now ĂŤ think /i have the FLU and it is a good possibility because my dad has a mild case of the FLU


Parents, they give us the best and the worst things, huh? :sweat_smile:

Hope you’re feeling better soon :slight_smile:


thanks and it was mild it went away in a day but still feel little bit like crap.