emotions and first potential hospital stay

this my be my 2nd real post (3rd counting intro)
I am in a new environment, in lots of pain plus might have to have surgery. i have never had surgery before and am very scared.

anything i can do that might help, i am trying to distract myself but i keep letting my emotions show and i am just really scared and don’t know what to do.

should i mention my add and emotions with it or do i just say im nervous

anything will help at this time
ps sorry if anything gets misspelled i can’t type as well as i normally can right now with so much on me :slight_smile:


Seems to me that most people, with or without add, get nervous / emotional about “scary stuff” . . . Like surgery . . . So I’m not sure if there would be any advantage to refer to your add. If another is sensitive to the feelings of another . . . Well then good! If not, mentioning add won’t make a difference, unless you are talking to another “brain” . . . Sometimes we can miss the boat when it comes to being “tuned in” . . .

But, your surgeon and the anesthesiologist certainly need to be informed if you are taking medication . . . which I guess is obvious.