End of a class full of people I dislike: fantasies of posting in the class forum, “Anyone else with ADHD, DM me and let’s be quiet, secret friends.”


Like statistically, it’s me and 3 unknowns, only this class is in the :skull:buuuuuisiness department. I lowkey nailed a presentation for my group today, but couldn’t GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. Who knew they all have been the beneficiaries of a genuine ADHD team member? You know what I mean? I’m not going to do it, but I really want to do it. (I’m sorry if I sound like a reaaaal jerk. I’m proud and mad. Prad.)



Oh yeah totally understand. BTDT. Maybe we should call it “moud”? “Prad” is pretty good too.

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In a moment of sheer moudness, his midnight-blue eyes flashed with prad.



Unlike some people in the forum, you don’t sound like an arrogant ass at all. You just wish they knew that an ADHD member can contribute like everyone else, try to lessen the stigma. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing.:wink::+1:



Oh :flushed:

Which of us are you calling arrogant? Omg, arrogant ass, even. (is this an arse in British English?) @Marodir, what happened today? You’re usually really friendly!

I’m sorry, I have posted lots on here about how great some things are going now that I am getting help.

I hope this doesn’t make me sound arrogant. But then again, I haven’t noticed other people being arrogant either. So maybe that means I am blind to it and that I am. :scream_cat:



Cool, hyperglyph!

Maybe one day it’ll be easier to just tellnit like it is.



Oh, no! Not you at all, @Lustforlife! You getting help and feeling good about things for a change is awesome, and sharing that is great! I have no problem with that, and sharing that (and how) someone is doing better wouldn’t really be considered arrogant, at least not in my book! I think it might just be some ED that’s getting to you there.:sweat_smile::heart: Sorry.

No, I’ve just noticed that some people make bombastic posts and/or comments proclaiming that their experience is the authoritative thesis on what ADHD IS(!!!), as if dismissing all other experiences, as if they’re the God of ADHD, and, to quote Metallica “nothing else matteeeeeers!” I find that rather grating, one of the reasons I’ve been kind of turned off the forum for a while, to be honest.

I don’t mind people talking about their personal experiences, or how they’ve tried something or read about this or the other, but when they talk as if they’re THE authority on exactly what ADHD is, how it ‘should’ be experienced, and what someone ‘should’ or ‘should not’ be experiencing, that sounds extremely arrogant to me, especially since it’s such an individual thing, unique to every person. I guess I just don’t like arrogant, bombastic statements from loud, bombastic, arrogant people because it pigeonholes everyone, and is kind of a douchy thing to do.

Never seen anything even CLOSE to that from you, though! So please don’t worry, OK?



… detects sarcasm … abandons attempt to understand … leaves them to talk amongst themselves …



There are so many parts to the ADHD elephant that I’m starting to think it might be a giiiiant millipede! Also @Lustforlife and @Marodir, I get both sides. Panaceas are fake, and it’s also pretty fake to have a forum culture that shuts down all talk of success (including personally-successful strategies). Fine, fine lines.



Ehh, I have no problem with people sharing their own experiences, whether positive or negative…:sweat_smile: But some people write as bombastic arrogant asses who think they have everything figured out and are just here to lecture other people on how they ‘ought’ to experience ADHD. Or they’re just really, REALLY bad at putting ‘In my experience’, ‘I think’, or ‘I’ve heard’ etc. in front of their bombastic statements, so it sounds like they’re preaching or lecturing others on what their experience should be like. That’s not sharing, that’s being an ass.



Ok, but maybe we should address it when it happens, with a friendly ‘in your experience?’ ?

I dunno, I checked the user agreement anf all three of these things are not how it should be: people giving instructions on the One True Way to deal with adhd, your addressing it like this a different thread, and my reply (was i replying to content or tone? I honestly don’t know for sure!).

Sorry for the derailment, @hyperglyph!



Out of fear of seeming argumentative, my original comment was quite relevant. @hyperglyph was worried coming of as a jerk, which couldn’t be farther form the truth, as sharing a success story is great!:blush::+1:



Hi @Marodir,
I don’t find this argumentative :slightly_smiling_face:
But since you mentioned it, I saw your original response as doing two different things, one positive and absolutely necessary and relevant, and the other one possibly ‘against the rules’ and almost definitely not conducive to the friendly open culture we have here and which l see you as a great upholder of.
And both of those things were in the same sentence :sweat_smile:

So, to be clear (and this is also not meant argumentatively), reassuring @hyperglyph was great, but adding insults to unnamed persons who may or may not be reading along was not ok.

Sorry, I do tend to over analyse things :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

… Including my own role in this:

Namely, by commenting on that part of your post, I was probably (in fact almost definitely, having read your replies) reacting to tone (annoyance with other people) rather than (intended) content (being supportive to @hyperglyph). And reacting to tone is also not ok :flushed:

Also not ok is derailing a thread, which I did by reacting to a small part of your post. :flushed:

If we had private messaging I would have asked you outside of this thread, but we don’t, and maybe that’s a good thing :slight_smile: I think it’s also ok to have this
conversation in public.

Are we still all internet friends? I hope so! :grin::kissing:

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Of course we’re still friends! Both you and @hyperglyph are awesome!:grin::heart::+1:

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