English literature in school

English literature was my worst subject I had to take exams in school . I live iN the UK. I got the top grade in Maths, took it a year early . A year later I did well in english language, not English literature I did badly. My teacher congratulated me on my grade in English language, if I had done the exam in English literature, I would have done better. Is my problem related to just ADHD or ADHD and aspergers traits (my main minor weakness is social communication) !

Any thoughts or experiences !

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I’m not an expert but from everything I’ve read in the last few years I would say, anything’s possible! Equally, it’s not universal.

For me literature/reading has been my hyperfocus and escapism since I was able to read, but give me a book that I have to read and I’ll be asleep before you know it :sweat_smile:

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