Every path is laying down for me now, let’s do this

After I left the hospital, I went to work so I can get a briefing on my assignments and let my supervisor know I would be back. She then told me to not punch in and to go get my stuff done for the hospital since I had a meeting to go to. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t want to see me only just for an hour since we bonded over the years.

So i decided since i still had time left, i would go speak with profesor from my cram class to see when the exam will be and brief me on senior thesis because my advisor hasn’t been and I’m confused. She was talking with another teacher but they didn’t stop so I then left school.

I had a complication with foothill doctors office not faxing my TB results. So I called them. Call dropped so I called again and went through holds and everything but I finally got through.

So I’m at the hospital and I try to hurry to the 4th floor where they faxed it to because my meeting is at 1:30. I get there and they say it hasn’t come through yet and as she’s speaking, it slides out of the fax machine.

So then I try to make it downstairs but the elevator took me all the way to the emergency floor lol making me a few seconds late.

After my meeting which took a little longer because her computer was going slow, i had to wait some time downstairs after my meeting for my ID. Then I had to go back up stairs to get my flu shot.

I waited for a bit while the ladies helped a worker and then the other RN asked if it was just the flu shot, and she was like “oh well I can do that for you!!” So then she took me to the other room. Got my shot. Then moments before while I’m still in the seat, a Doctor comes in so I’m like stuck in the middle lol.

He was like “what are you up to” to her and then I was like “oh you know, she’s just poking me with needles” and he laughed

He then asked if I’m a new student volunteer and I said yeah and the RN then introduced my position of where I will be which is “post op and pre op” and she pushed the convo to me by having me say I want to be an ambulatory Anesthesiologist.

He introduced himself and said he’s the hospitals Infectious Disease head. I then asked if he does research and he said “not too much now”

I followed and said “well if you need someone I would be more than happy to devote my time.”
He then looked shocked and asked if I’m good with excel and i said I’m near perfect because i work in financial aid at the university. He then put his Mac down and started taking down my information. So hopefully, starting February 10th, I will be doing research with a very important person!!! This is my senior project!!!

I’m already going into a 5th year and he is making it so much easier. Actually harder, so I’m nervous about all this…but I really need this.

Nervous because I am about to become a professional.

I’m going to medical school.

Thank you for reading.


Congrats and good luck with everything!!!