Everything has Already been Done


This is probably my Emotional Disregulation talking, as I have had a very frustrating morning.

Has anyone else of the creative persuasion had the impression that in the age of internet there are no new ideas? That anything you think of that is new and exciting is just a quick Google search away from being done before?

My example is band names. I got lucky when I chose the name Fear of Feedback, but I have been looking to expand into another project with a different name and a more harsh sound.

I looked up so many names; Dead Tech, EXEcute, Sourcecode, Lost Tech, Interlock, Rootkit, bios, DDR2, Pointless, Ghostcode, and many others. NONE were available. Any name I thought up, someone else had already taken. Which led me to wonder if there is much point to being a creative type in the age of internet.

Has anyone else had this experience? How did you overcome the crushing disappointment of feeling like you have nothing new to contribute to the world?



There have been very few “new” ideas in the course of history. Most advances, both creatively and otherwise have been remixes and improvements on previous ideas. The problem is that now that we have easy access to the entire human experience, names are going to be hard. There have been plenty of bands that had to change their names when they started getting big because “oh wait, no, someone else already was using that name, crap. Uh–”

This is why unique spellings started cropping up, as well as abbreviations and nonsense phrases. Like using a dictionary to crack passwords, the way to avoid accidently using a name that’s been used before is to throw out common phrases and just make something up.

Also, consider that there were bands in the 70s that made it big with names like “Yes” “Doors” “the Who” – names that if they started with today, would make them nai impossible to search for online, and that honestly said nothing about the band or the music they made. You can attach meaning after the fact.

Don’t worry about being “new.” You’re making something that’s unique by virtue of it being filtered through your own way of doing things. It may be similar to everything else, but there have been countless books and research done on how music boils down to a basic pattern (see: the “only 3 cords” jokes) and that everything old is new again. Everything gets recycled and remade. That doesn’t mean it’s bad or not worth doing.



I generally find that I am not a creative person as such. As in new and novel ideas. Over the years I have tried different creative outlets. I went out and bought a canon DSLR and took thousands of pictures. Out of all of them 1 was what I considered fantastic it was by pure chance I was up on a small mountain for work and I saw a dragon fly. It flew past so I followed it for a while and it landed on the bit of cactus that had been eaten by something and was only a Skelton when I got close I saw that the dragonfly’s wings where the same full of holes with a skeleton type of apperance. I took a bunch of pictures of it with different depths of focus before it flew away. Out of all the pictures I took this was the only unique picture over probably 2 years.

But a good photographer will take a picture of a rock and make it unique.

I think what I am trying to say is yes in this day and age that most things have been done but what makes something new is in the detail and delivery. And being creative is how you deliver something old in a new way.

Maybe that process of looking at somthing and seeing it in new light and presenting it with your own flair is like training wheels. The skills of analytical thinking about already existing “things”. And looking at ways of making them better or different will allow you to find that new idea to identify it when it presents itself.

Another thing I have noticed about the people in my life that I think have vision and are creative is they see the world with wonder. They look at a technology or piece of music or whatever and appreciate what it must have taken to get to that point and what that item dose for the people that consume it.

For me I look at creative people like this because i feel novel creativity is something that I lack.

Don’t give up even if you don’t break new ground or have that one unique idea that changes the world. You might provide the inspiration or the next step in the evolution of whatever your passion is to the person that follows after you and maybe the person after them and perhaps the next person may come up with the idea that changes the world.

Sorry that little thought bubble went on a little longer than I thought it would.


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As someone who has done photography for… over half my life at this point, luck is a huge part of it. I had similar luck with a dragonfly once, and took a good 20-30 shots inching close and closer before getting the perfect shot.

Being a good photographer is less about knowing how to make just a rock look amazing, and knowing when that rock would make an awesome photo, and when that rock is just a rock.

Chasing “unique” results in you passing up things. And when you’re exploring creativity, passing things up just leaves you stagnant. Always chase after the creative urge and don’t worry about what’s come before. Leave that to the critics :wink:



Thanks for the advice @FranB & @AMAK. I’ve got some good things to consider.

I also had a minor bit of inspiration and came up with the name “Syver”. If you can trust the internet, it’s a Nordic name that means “Victorious Defender”.

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In Danish that (spelled syv’er) just means ‘a number seven’ in cards or as a denomination, scoring a seven-pointer… Don’t know about any archaic use, want me to have look-see?



Checked, it means that as a boy’s name in Norwegian, apparently. In Danish it’s also copyrighted as a chair design…:sweat_smile: ‘Syveren’



I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a Danish band! :smile:

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