Everything is great. - Why do I keep crying?


My life is pretty good. I have a good job, good family, good hobbies, and good friends.

I’m moving through my journey with ADHD from self-diagnosis, through self-regulation, and now, feeling that
I need more help, I will be starting my first steps in diagnosis tomorrow morning at 8:30.

Nothing is perfect, and I struggle with everything, and sometimes my mistakes are pretty spectacular (Today I found a bag of groceries that didn’t make it into the freezer four days ago), but even will my struggles, life is not bad.

Why am I ready to cry at the drop of a hat? I’ve cried a dozen times since Monday. I’ve cried at youtube vids, light and fluffy science fiction books, conversations with my wife. Just everything. I’ve started reading about emotional dysregulation, but I don’t really “get it” yet. Is this it? Is it stress? Is it something else? How can I cope? I don’t want to be crying at my desk at work because I saw a picture of a sad cat.

Just looking for some support and reassurance.


Complex topic. I’d see it as two main topics:

  1. Finding the right people to talk to about this.

And B) learning how to manage emotional-self regulation


I’ve been a lot more emotional since my diagnosis about 6 months ago. It’s up and down, possibly also linked to changes in medication dose, but it started before I started on the meds.

Therapy and coaching are helping me a lot, and i think it’s starting to settle.

Be kind to yourself! Put a box of tissues on your desk just in case and just take it as it comes. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you shed the occasional tear at work?


So, update.

Things came to a head, and it turns out things were not as ok as I thought when I first wrote this, and my marriage is a bit shakier than I thought. However, I’ve taken the first steps to diagnosis (referred to a psychiatrist by my family doctor) and that has allowed for some honest conversations about what I can and cannot do without help, which has, for the moment, calmed things down. I’m still crying a lot, but at least I know why, now.