Excel is my best friend

I absolutely love to use Excel for all kinds of things. For example I use it this week as my to do list. When I cross things off they change color and then the chart shows me my progress.

I also use it at work to keep track on the progress of my students by making the cells change color from red to green when I put in their number of good answers.

I always think I do all this to compensate for the chaos in my head. Excel makes everything visible and efficient.

Does anyone else have this? I met one other brain who did it too.


I enjoy learning how to do new things in excel. I like discovering new functions and figuring out how to use them. VLOOKUP is my best friend at work sometimes. I know there’s LOTS that excel can do that I don’t know about. How do you use it as a to do list? Do you manually change the colors or do they change when you input something specific? (I just discovered that one when i made a chart to track office timesheets, but mine’s pretty basic. Empty cell is one color, any input changes it to no color.)

Right now I really want to know more about pivot tables. Not because I understand what they do, cause i don’t yet, but they seem complex and possibly useful, and they’re calle PIVOT tables. I mean, my brain pivots from one track to another ALL. THE. TIME. So they must be cool. LOL.

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Next to every task I put a “yes” when it’s done or a “no” when it isn’t done. Then I make the program count how many “yes” and “no” there are and I put that in a chart. It’s much more fun to cross things off when you see your progress visualized.


any screen shots to visualize?

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not exactly the same as excel, but I made a google sheets document for my production schedule. the first one meh, but I’m hoping the new one, which will also be printed and put into my bujo, will work out better

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I like Excel, I can use SPSS, SAS . Excel is useful for do simple Statistics, to manipulate data , doing Data Visualisation.

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I am currently using SPSS but the way that I am using it is that I am given step by step instructions and a video instructions by my prof for my stats course extremely useful to me



Hi Ellie,

I can write computer programs in SPSS, SAS

Can I ask , what tests are using ANOVA, T-TEST, Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, Correlation ?


When I was using SPSS I was learning how to do Anvova and T testing but thats about it and I dont think i go too far with using the program just cause I think i need to know the basics for other course I may take


T - test can be used to find differences between males and females as an example. T - test works for 2 groups.

1 way ANOVA can be used to find differences between more than 2 groups.
Eg urban, suburban, rural.


yup all true but like I said the bare basics is all that I learned how to do


This! I have no idea what they are for, so I don’t know what problem they solve, but I think they are an advanced feature that if I ever needed it, I would want to be prepared. 20 years later I still haven’t learned them, so I think I will get by without them, buuuuuuuut, must, know, everything…

I use excel a lot to organize ideas and make lists. For to do lists I must have several dozen saved over the years in text files (Notepad). I’ve tried using Tasks in Outlook, but I almost always break down and wind up writing on paper. I am going to try and go back to Outlook Tasks, which I can also sync with a handy Android app called “Tasks and Notes”. It keeps my to do list at my fingertips most of the time, I just need to force (reward?) myself to use it. I am certainly going to fall back to paper, but the solution to that is to get it into Outlook Tasks via PC or Phone…

Looks like Excel can do checkboxes, check this out… How to Insert Checkbox in Excel (Easy Step-by-Step Guide)

If you haven’t already discovered it Laerd statistics instructions for SPSS is amazing.

I’ve recently been learning the PowerQuery stuff in Excel for big datasets and its really good. Didn’t even realise it was there until i was shown it. Only available for windows versions of excel though.
If you anything like me normal cuts and pastes in excel are very prone to error and mistakes. Powerquery solves that problem