Excessive sadness and weird thoughts

Do you people feel overly anxious and sad for 1-2 hours and then you feel weird about yourself that very little was there to think and to feel sad. I don’t approve of my thoughts. It’s like someone is there in my brain thinking at high speeds (thoughts/sec :joy:) makes me feel sadder and my skeptical mind leaves the room. Also, some good ideas strike your mind and you forget them later immediately. I can explain it with an example. Let’s say you go for a ride/shopping in a completely new area and you observe and identify some grocery stores, markets, clubs, and hotels. And you suddenly see a store where you want to buy something. But you were in high speed so it’s a long way back. And until you return you forget what was the purpose you are in this store. It’s hard.

I don’t approve of these thoughts too😌

Approve them or not . . . that is irrelevant. Most important is that you take the necessary steps to address the issues . . . taking each day as a new opportunity to do the possible . . . and not dwell on the impossible . . . and not overthink everything. Earlier @Kazmoo made a number of suggestions . . . any one (or more) would both help and get you off this Merry-go-round of questions that can only be answered at the right time with help from the right people!

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This definitely seems like “racing thoughts”. Racing thoughts are something that ADHD has in common with other conditions, such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and several more. The fact that you mention that the thought make you feel sadder makes me lean towards depression as the cause of these thoughts (but I’m not a mental health expert, and I would encourage you to see a qualified mental health professional for help with this).

Atharva, in your first topic, you mentioned depression. That makes it seem that much more likely (in my humble yet unqualified opinion) that these racing thoughts that make you feel sad are from the depression.

Untreated ADHD can contribute to anxiety and/or depression. (Seeking treatment for anxiety was what led to my own ADHD diagnosis.) Untreated anxiety or depression can cause ADHD-like symptoms, but they can also cause ADHD symptoms to become much more severe than normal (as was the case for me).

That does sound like ADHD, through and through! The depression you mentioned might contribute to it, but even with my anxiety now gone and my ADHD well-connected with medication, I still experience this phenomenon from time to time.

  • More frequently at the current time, because I just moved to a new area of the USA and an learning my way around, while at the same time trying to manage my kids the best I can. So, exactly like you said, “go for a ride/shopping in a completely new area and you observe and identify some grocery stores, markets, …” Yes, that’s totally what I’m going through.

I will see a psychiatrist :+1:

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Intrusive thoughts are an everyday thing for me. I map out multiple scenarios throughout my day, and almost none of them ever come true or carry out what I was thinking in detail. If I had a nickel for every time I had a thought, and it was gone moments later, I probably wouldn’t have any nickels because I would forget I was supposed to be getting a nickel for every misplaced thought.


I hope that was supposed to be a funny-ironic statement, because that’s just how I found it to be! :joy:

Sounds like me before meds. (I’m only 1/10th as forgetful as I was before meds, by since my life has been in flux the last several weeks, I’ve beenforgetting my meds once or twice a week lately.)

It was! My memory has certainly dwindled over the years. I have to have a notepad open whenever I take a ticket call at work, or else I will forget their name cause I’ll focus more on them explaining the issue. I am the king of misplacing things, entering a room, and my mind goes blank. Worse is when I start talking about something, tangent off, and don’t even remember the topic or point I was making, haha!


All of the things you said sound like me. I was really bad before medication, but I still struggle with things like names, remembering what I was looking for, going off on tangents during a conversation… Just not as much as I used to.

I’m a little worse off again, probably because of all the changes I’m going through at the present time. I hope to get better again once I settle into a routine again.