Executive functions


I’ve really been struggling with executive functions. I know what to do, but I feel like I can’t do anything. I need help :persevere:


just take things slowly, whatever you have try and think of the first step and maybe set an alarm to tell you it’s time to get up and do something. If that’s too much then go through why you might be having trouble. Do you not know where to start? What’s the end goal? What would you realistically want to accomplish. Like take a homework assignment. I like to take a short nap before working so I can have a little time to relax then I get up and start (your millage may very because I have also had days where I didn’t get up and do what I was supposed to) and you can either time yourself or you can just say I’m gonna work on one problem first. I like going the steps route because it gives me a visual goal (4 questions and I get to relax for a while then another 4 and so on) I think it’s just something you have to work on over time (right now I have like an incredible amount of motivation just from understanding how executive function works and maybe looking it up and just trying to understand it at even a base level might be helpful) just be gentle with yourself and don’t over do it, we fellow brains believe in you!