Does anyone else have the problem where they have normal or even an excess of energy for a while and then just randomly crash in the middle of the day, or worse, at like around 5 or 6pm? This happens to me almost every day. My energy seems to ebb and flow - when I wake up around 9am I’ll have good energy for a while and then I’ll crash around noon or 1pm, then if I take a short nap I’ll have my energy back and then I’ll crash again around 6pm and I have to force myself to stay awake until at least 830 or else I’ll wake up at like 3am.

does this happen to anyone else??

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I’m currently very drained after a kinda rough night but decent day. If I go to bed too early, then I also wake in the middle of the night for hours.

But when I’m tired like I am now (and not a total wreck), then I usually get a burst of energy later in the evening. This lets me unintentionally stay up too late again.

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My circadian rhythm used to be that erratic until I got my ADHD diagnosis and started on Vyvanse… It caused me to sleep a lot more than I should have (average of 12 hours per day), and at one point I almost thought I had some kind of circadian rhythm disorder. I’m really happy ADHD treatment has resolved this for me, so far…

Other than taking my medication, I use a circadian rhythm app on my phone to remind me when to wake up/eat/go to bed, which helps. It also helps me A LOT to get an average of 10k+ steps per day. I think the extra exercise wears me out so that I either want to fall asleep at sleepy time, OR sleep all the way through the night. Finally, it helps if I eat well - mostly high in protein and fiber - as that seems to better regulate my digestive system, which helps me stay on track with meal times and better track my energy levels.

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yeah both my doctor AND my mom have been getting onto me about getting some kind of exercise to help my sleep…but it’s hard when you’re sleepy!

what app is it that you use @KaylaBapple ?

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@thelizabethsw I use an app called Solar Clock: Circadian Rhythm. It gives notifications for good brain time, lunch time, exercise time, dinner time and bedtime, and you can turn on a sunrise alarm. It uses your location to figure out sunrise and sunset data, and then bases everything around that. I’m not very good at following it… But it is helpful to have something remind me what time of day it is.

Re: Exercise - How old are you? (In the least creepy way…) Asking because, are you old enough to get a job? Can you get a job that requires you to be active?

I’m TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE at exercising just for the sake of exercise. My body gets so uncomfortable and that makes me feel so angry and my brain gets so so bored! I HATE IT RAAAH :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. But a little while ago I hit 250lbs and I was severely depressed, sooooo… I actually ended up choosing to go from sitting office work for $15/hr to back to retail work for $11/hr. Retail gives me a place to exercise without it being about exercising just to exercise. It’s like a gym membership that I get paid for, rather than a gym membership I pay for, if that makes sense!


i’m 26, old enough to get a job, but it’s hard for me to keep a job due to other mental health issues right now, ESP a retail job (I’m autistic and schizoaffective so I’m not the best at working with people). I’m working on getting everything freaking FIXED so I can hold myself together at a job for 8 hours a day and that’s part of the reason I was so adamant about getting on ADHD meds.

Currently we have a treadmill in our house that I really need to start using again, but it’s SOOO BORING, even being on it for 15 minutes just kills me, like you said. I’m on the bigger side though and have some physical health issues that exercise would help though so I really should buckle down… exercise boring! I feel you!

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I’ll keep playing devil’s advocate though! Could you do the work part time? Could you handle working nights? Could you handle working in a large, potentially noisy space like a warehouse?

Places like Home Depot often hire people just for night freight. It’s basically all unpacking boxes, climbing up and down rolling stairs, etc. You could also look into distribution centers, where products are split from factory pallets (a pallet of just Product A) into pallets to go to stores (pallets of Lots Of Products). Again, 100% just moving stuff around!

I’d also point out that working in retail during the day doesn’t necessarily mean working with customers. My husband was an order picker for buy online and delivery orders at Home Depot for a while. He didn’t have to wear an apron/talk to customers, he just had to quickly find stuff and pack pallets. When I worked in the Garden department at Home Depot, I spent about 25% of my days assigned to “Tree Lot,” which basically meant standing out with the trees and watering for my entire 6 hour shift with very little customer interaction.

OR OR there’s always trade work. Work in trades is also just moving stuff around for a portion of the day. Hurdles with trades would be being female (:woman_facepalming:) and coming out to your employer about any mental illnesses for which you take a medication.

Exercise is a double edged sword. It is hard to get started when mental illnesses and weight are in your way, but the more you exercise, the more benefit there is toward the mental illness problems and the weight problems. It’s really uncomfortable to be fat (from personal experience), and I didn’t know how uncomfortable I was until I got fit (first retail job), and then got fat again later.

I’m also 26. :smiley:


With my autism/getting sensory overload very quickly, probably not

I’ll probably, after settling in with my Strattera (if it works goD I HOPE IT WORKS) continue to look for office jobs or very simple retail jobs and idk join a gym or something. I don’t have many hobbies anyway so that could be a new one!


I am so engaged in my work, that I pretty much every day take a nap when I come home, or as it is sometimes the case, to the teacher’s room at my afternoon job. Then at night, I have big trouble sleeping, I lie down in bed and start turning around like a chicken on the grill, and my whole body just wants to be moving.


So, this may sound a bit odd, but there are some studies (my researcher wife found, and I don’t have links, sorry… She just told me about them) that have observed improvement on issues found with Autism (overstimulation, social skills, etc) when there is a change in diet. The one in particular she found was when she was researching the Keto diet (she was looking for something to help us with weight loss and pre-diabetes), and she bunny trailed down that trail after she saw the link. She used to be in education, so it was an interest for her.
You might try your own research into it, maybe see if changing your diet can help with some of the mental issues that are affecting your job life.
And yeah, I tend to crash hard around 9pm, though it’s been better since starting Vyvanse. I also don’t sleep well, and am sluggish in the morning. Might be my weight, though.


It is so hard to do when you are sleepy!


Yes, I work in retail and there are so many distractions through out the day that just drain me dry. I am able to manage it through the day, I am also a manager, so the distractions double and by the time I get home, I’m drained for hours,


I used to have very weird peak times. One at about 11AM through noon, one at about 6PM but then I’d get hungry, then another one at about 10PM, going on till way to late at night to be healthy. All followed by total collapses.

It changed a bit with medication - now the rebound effect has replaced my usual exhaustion during the day, and I can even control when that will happen, to a degree. I’m still trying to figure that into my work day - I started working part-time a few months ago, just when I was also changing meds - and it’s been hit-and-miss so far. Luckily, I work in web development where I can do a lot of problem-solving and deep-diving into file structures or codes. Lots and lots of triggers for hyperfocussing!

Then I come home in the afternoon, which I chose so I can also get some of my own creative work going, and do all my collapsing for the day at once. Still working on that bit…

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OK, I was about to create a post with this very word…Exhausted, but I think I will hop on this one instead.
So, I just started taking Concerta 54mg. After the first day I crashed about 9 hours after my first pill. I was watching as the effects were wearing off, 8 hours in my leg was moving again and 9 hours in I started yawning so much I had to sleep, I was up an hour later still feeling groggy. The day before I took my first Concerta dose I had taken a Claritin D 24 and was up at 2am to 4am. I suspect that after the Concerta wore off the sleep monster caught up with me. Yesterday I didn’t crash but had a safe landing. Today I feel like a Mack truck hit me before I took today’s dose at 10am. I am sooo looking forward to taking a nap in my car at noon.

Does anyone have any insight to whether these waves of exhaustion will pass?