Experiences on Strattera

I finally asked my doctor for ADHD meds because they seem to help my coworkers so much, and I was expecting a stimulant but she prescribed strattera instead. I’m a little nervous because I was hoping for something that was more immediate and that I wouldn’t have to take every day, and that’s not what strattera is…I also hear a lot of people talking about how strattera doesn’t work?

I think my doctor probably didn’t prescribe a stimulant because I do have a very bad anxiety disorder and experience somewhat frequent anxiety attacks and anxiety and stimulants don’t make good friends.

Anyway, I’m nervous but hopeful and I was wondering if anyone else could share experiences on strattera? Particularly if you’ve had good experiences lol

I took it back in 2004, but I got off it quick because it made me emotional and cry, even though I’m not much of a cryer. You honestly can never tell how it will react person to person. Just make sure someone has your back and tells you when you are acting strange because you might not notice it yourself.


I’m on it. Maybe I don’t experience the same side effect as @Jared because I’m on an antidepressant, but I don’t get emotional on it. My psychiatric NP increased my dose when I explained that I didn’t feel like it was helping me focus in the most needed moments. I definitely feel like it is working, though, and I don’t feel the need to drink as much caffeine. Strattera wakes up my brain and helps me get going and focus on what I need to do. Don’t get me wrong: you need sleep. I still drink coffee when I don’t get enough sleep.


I don’t get emotional on it either, in fact I’ve never experienced any side effects whatsoever except for a slight decrease in appetite for a few days when I first increased the dose to 60mg. On the other hand I’ve not noticed any significant improvement on it either, granted it might be having a subtle effect that I’m just taking for granted because I’ve forgotten how bad things used to be but… I don’t know… I feel like I may as well be taking a sugar pill :woman_shrugging: That’s better than suffering through side effects, I guess! Still holding out hope that the next dose up might do the trick :crossed_fingers:

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