Extreme restlessness


Does anyone here have days when you feel much more restless than in a normal day. Its like you cannot just sit and do something. You aren’t scared or anything but you sweat, pace up and down the hall continuously and you jist can’t keep calm. How do you manage that? If someone has an idea, I wud appreciate a reply as I’m going through such an episode right now.


Hi :raising_hand_woman: I have days like these, often!!

I haven’t really found a solution to make me settle down and do something productive when this happens, but I can get relief from the feeling of restlessness by exercising until I tire myself out (e.g. going for a run, cycle, to the climbing gym, or even just a long walk will sometimes do it), or else if I can’t motivate myself to exercise then sometimes I try using a meditation app. The effect of either of these, exercise or meditation, are to make me drowsy so I can just veg out and most likely go to sleep. As I said, doesn’t help at all with getting things done, but sometimes being sleepy is preferable to feeling like a caged tiger! And when I wake up I think I am usually a bit calmer and more able to focus…


Take a walk everyday.
Focus on just one thing during that walk.
Your movements, or smells, or sounds…

I have those days when I wake up feeling restlessness/ anxious. It’s hard. It feels paralyzing. It is even hard to step outside and take above mentioned walk. I don’t have a real solution yet.