Hiii there,

My name is Will, I’am curious if you all have problems in things like extremities.
In many things am I extreme, I’ve I go for sport it must be all or nothing, when I drink it will be a lott, when I am happy I sing, I like things extreme…sometimes a little to extreme…

What helps me when I’m down (sometimes I can be down, that I play sad songs for just a short period and than blast my speakers out with Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) or with the song, Here I go again (Whitesnake) And it really helps me out of sadness…but really I can tell you so much stories of extremities I sometimes must be a shamed.

What are your experiences??


I have a close friend who is on the hyper-active side. He is very much like this, especially when playing sports or games in general. I myself am on the inattentive side and am nothing like this. I wonder if that is a direct correlation or if it is just coincidence? I guess we will have to see what the others say.


Hey Will.

While I never got into sport (never understood it), I do have a bit of a thing for high risk.

For example, being at a party and thinking it would be a great idea to stand near a wall, while somebody shot a speargun through it from the other side…

Going into war zones for fun, or making bombs as a kid. Harassing cops with a slingshot, knowing I could get away but enjoying the thrill. Driving racing cars, motorbikes, flying planes.

One time I hit a shotgun percussion cap with a hammer, just to see what would happen. I found out.

Or the time I made hydrogen in my back yard and almost took my head off.

Generally all calculated risks, but enough madness to get an adrenaline buzz. Usually when I was younger. I haven’t quite grown out of it, but it has all tailed off a little bit with age.

But it’s almost as if something is not worth doing unless there is a risk of death or dismemberment.

I either don’t drink anything for months, or get on it until everybody else has passed out.


You must be the luckiest person


@usernamekls Sometimes it feels like that, that are the days that I finished my “To late” I think you call it over due…sometimes I don’t give a f…Especialy when I drink to much. But also often feels of guilt and anxiety from zero to up in the sky…many times I feel like a rollercoaster… And also I feel insecure (Shy or something related) but the strange thing is…nobody thinks that I am shy or insecure…maybe rude in the mouth…
But I also like to feel the adrenaline pumping in my body


I got extremely good at hiding that, especially to myself. Less so these days.

People would see me as happy and smiling while I was dropping lower and lower into depression. I would persuade myself that I was happy, normal. And then one day it would get so bad that I’d eventually even know I was depressed myself.


I can relate to that, when I pushed in to my burn out. Almost nobody see the signs, I had one colleque that asked me if I wad doing drugs or had alcohol problems…my hands keep shaking…at that moment I broke…I could not drink with one hand, I shaked to much. So I drink my coffee only with 2 hands on the cup. It took me around 2,5 years to come back a little…I stopped working in that days…and yess depression was also a big part that days.