Failing and feeling like a failure

I’m In my 2 year of college im failing some of my classes this semester. I tried so hard and gave it my best. It was so hard, I just got an email from one of my professors that told me that I didn’t do a part of a major right and if I don’t fix it and go to the academic success center to fill out a form I will fail. If I fail this assignment I will fail this course. I have four days to fix it along with other majors that I have to do and next week we have exams. I’m freaking out!!! I’m so stressed, anxious, my mind is so full that I can’t do these assignments and I don’t have enough time to do them. Any tips on helping to calm down, and getting yourself refocused on what I have to do without feeling overwhelmed?

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  1. Take a deep breath. In fact, several :kissing_closed_eyes:. This is not life or death, you will get through this.

  2. It sounds like the task in the letter is the most urgent. (If you flunk the exams next week, will you be able to resit?).

  3. Assuming the letter task is your priority, do you have what you need to fix it well enough to pass? If so, clear your diary and get started,step by step. If not, clear your diary and start by obtaining the information you need, then get started.

  4. Delay any decision-making until after dealing with this task. It’s only a few days, right? If you want to stay on the course, take action as per above.

  5. If you still can’t get motivated to do that, then maybe your brain is telling you this is not the course for you right now, but you should probably wait until the day of the deadline to deal with that. In any case, if you can fix this task first, and then leave voluntarily, that may help your self-esteem and have other advantages.

Good luck, and come back and let us know how you get on :kissing_closed_eyes:


I’d add to try to take advantage of the resources on campus. The academic success center, counseling center, or even your academic advisor can be helpful in navigating this situation. It’s better to be proactive, meaning ask for help now rather than trying to fix it all on your own.

Give yourself some forgiveness too. Things are the way they are and that can’t be changed now. You’re doing the best you can, and you can use this opportunity to address other issues down the road that may have contributed to this.

When I was in undergrad I had a similar situation and failed an entire semester. I was placed on academic probation and had to make an active commitment at the time to seek help to tackle some of the issues. I didn’t take advantage of the counseling center at the time, though I probably should have. I did meet with my academic advisor which was super helpful. I also had to take a look at the patterns and things that got me to the point of failing so that I could be successful in the subsequent semesters and still graduate.

Failing is not the end of the world. However, it’s important to be proactive about addressing it, because if you let it continue to snowball it’s easy for the university to be heavyhanded. They often don’t know the details of what you’re facing, so making contact with someone inside the school can be a huge boon.

Good luck!


Thank you this is helpful! I will let you know how it goes.

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Thank you for the support, tips and encouragement its supper helpful. I appreciate it.


We are rooting for you!


Update, so a met up with the tutor and ASC. I have a plan of action for my assignments I’m doing one right now. But I’m stuck, my brain can’t focus. I’m worried that I wont be able to get this done.

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is there another assignment you can do and give this assignment a break cause that tends to help me out when one assignment is giving me issues and i have other things to work on while I don’t like leaving assignments unfinished I will attempt to switch to a different assignment. SOmetimes its successful other times its not but the attempt helps my brain be able return to the issue assignment after giving my brain a break.

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I could try that thank you.

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No problem this took kinda of a long time to figure out but to the same token my parents acutally kinda taught me this so thanks mom and dad.

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I know how it feels to not start because of worrying you won’t get it done, but my rational side knows how pointless that is.

Sometimes it helps me to get over it if I lower the bar to a ridiculously low level. In fact I used to have a notice above my desk telling me to ‘write rubbish, but write something!’
(And usually it wasn’t that bad in the end).

Good luck! The worst thing that can happen is that you fail, and that just means you try something else. You don’t know how life will turn out and even failing might ultimately lead to the Best Thing Evah.

So you can let the fates decide: give this your best shot, and if that’s not what your teachers are looking for, they’ll tell you. Then you can start looking down other avenues.


Update I just finished my semester submitted everything, did all my exams there is only one course up to now that I failed. So hopefully I pass the other ones and not have to redo them. Thank you for all the support and encouragement!!!


Wow, that’s fabulous news, well done!


Well coming from someone who has been in college for to long it happens. In the words of dory just keep swimming. Just always remember you can retake classes.