Favorite music


What kind of music does everyone like? Favorite song? Favorite band?

I mainly listen to classic rock.
Favorite band is Led Zeppelin.
Favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

c’mon, let’s hear yours!

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I like 80’s pop and hair bands as well as 50’s and 60’s music. I don’t know that I’ve ever been able narrow it down to a particular band, but you will find me singing every song in movies like Grease, Dirty Dancing, and Footloose.

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80’s hair bands are awesome. Went and saw Bon Jovi about a year ago. My 9 year old is a little bit in love with him and she loved it lol

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I subscribe to Adam Savage’s mentality that there’s 20 things on each Top 10 lists, and there are at least 10 lists in each category.:joy:

But I’d say I DO love Queen (probably the most), although I find Bohemian Rhapsody way too overplayed, when they have lots of other great music! I wish more people would listen to more of their work.:wink:

But I listen to pretty much anything, any genre, as long as I like it, and I can find things in almost every genre to like. Except mumble rap and various metal spin-offs…:sweat_smile:



Don’t get me wrong, I love most everything that Queen has done. The station I listen to here in Arkansas has a no repeat workday, so anything that plays, only plays once, which is nice because you don’t have to worry about anything being overplayed. The Queen CD in my truck however may actually overplay Bohemian Rhapsody sometimes. :joy::joy::joy:



A band I enjoy and have seen live on multiple occasions is Andy Frasco and the U.N. Barefoot Boogie/Party blues is the genre. These guys are insane entertainers. They have performed over 200 shows a year for over a decade; true professionals. They dance in the crowd, they have brought the crowd on stage, they have surfed on the crowd. Talk about pure energy and bliss. Can’t recommend enough.

I also enjoy classic rock. I’m 25 and my knowledge of music stems from the Beatles outwards. A group in this genre from my local Chicago area, The Ides of March. Their biggest song being Vehicle, one of the most famous horn riffs of all time. The lead singer and guitarist, Jim Peterik, also wrote songs with and for Survivor and .38 Special and his biggest claim to fame is writing Eye of the Tiger. The Ides of March performs regularly in the Chicagoland area and still have all the gusto that you hear on the original album.

There’s way more artists and songs I could mention but I’ll stop myself before I compose a Wikipedia article on my musical tastes.

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We could totally rock out at a a concert together! I love Chicago, the group and the city, Survivor and .38 Special, so I would probably like Jim Peterik. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Chicago and blues…have you ever seen the movie Adventures in Babysitting? :smile:



Jim is the man. Such a character and also a nice human. Loves his music and his city. Keep an eye on summer festivals in Chicago. Most of their outdoor summer performances are free.

Despite having seen most popular movies set in Chicago, I have not seen Adventures in Babysitting!.



Favorite Style: Nu Metal/Future Rock

Favorite Band: Raizer

Favorite Song: Soul Extract - “Superheroes (Formal One Remix)”



You’re too young to know that one. :slight_smile: It is very family-friendly, so your kids might like it. It is totally 80s. :wink:



I’ll have to give it a watch! And “too young” is a barrier I’ve broken long ago. My music knowledge stems outwards from the Beatles. I even own a copy of the Yellow Submarine movie on DVD. (Me and my brothers can’t get enough of it, my parents tend to pass it up.)

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rolls up sleeves

So what kind of music do I like? ALL the music!

Some of my very favorites include Andrew Bird (who just released an amazing album [I saw him in concert about 5 years ago]), and Neko Case (saw her 4 years ago), who said of depression, “I’m not afraid of anything in this f***ing world, except for going back to that place”, Flaming Lips, Melody Gardot, Miles Davis, and you can add another name or two five minutes from now. I have always been fond of early ‘new-wave’, like Blondie.

I love classic rock, classical, punk, funk, folk, jazz, jive, alternative, alt country, and will give most things a chance. I am not really ‘into’ rap, except for some old-school stuff, but I like Motown, music from the 50’s to today.

I often listen to “The Current” which is a Public Radio Station in Minneapolis. They get me.