Fear and Indifference

Hey guys,

Just want to know did fear play a major factor in your ADHD? If I had known before maybe life might have been a bit easier for me as a kid. I had trouble socialising and was always fearful that others would not like me for my indifferencies, which made me extra cautious to be extra perfect so people would like me more. I wanted so bad to fit in that I developed a persona of always trying to be perfect and I would beat myself up if I wasn’t.

I’ve finally realised now it’s ok to be different and me dropping a recpit today at work, picking it up, then dropping it again, then picking it up again was all part of the ADHD. Had I known this when I was a kid I feel life might have been a lot easier because as a kid all I wanted to be was ‘normal’ and I would constanly beat myself up because I wansnt like everyone else. Now I realise it’s ok to be different and I feel like I can finally relax and embrace my indifferencies because who wants to be normal anyway. Normal is boring.

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Hey Cheeko!

Yes, absolutely, though that might be a result of trauma rather than ADHD in itself. That all is very much relatable, though my strategy has been and still is avoidance rather than maintaining some persona, though that might be just because I am not good at keeping up a persona :joy: