fictional characters with ADHD?


I watch a lot of cartoons and play a lot of games and I always thinking where are the characters who have the same struggles and talents like me so I started to look closer and there are some!

so my question is do you know any fictional characters with ADHD?
and which one is your favorite?
or better wich character is the most like you?

mine is definitely Mabel from gravity falls I
just love her! she made me feel bether i know a lot of peaple say she is useless but thas somting i hear a lot about myself (at least from peaole who dont undestand ore like me)
she is creativ and fun and have so much creatyvety and when she is hyper focusing she can make really big and grate things and the most importent thing she is alwais positiv and she trust in the peaple she like


Yup ADHD people have the same struggle of life wherein each day is a challenge and a new opportunity to do something

Your struggles are not yours alone . The behemoth task of getting started and then keeping your focus . And studying for a test day and night but still end up forgetting an hour before the test . Struggling to be organized like other people . And the worst is people not getting what you have and having being called lazy, inattentive, stupid, and the worst a faliure . Can you relate?


I can’t really think of any fictional characters that have actual ADHD. BUT, the closest I can think of is Miles Vorkosigan, who is hyperactive, crazy smart, able to think of super creative solutions to stuff, etc. He’s one of my favorite fictional characters ever, probably because he shares some ADHD traits with me. However, he is still neurotypical in the sense that he doesn’t appear to suffer from emotional dysregulation, short working memory, or executive function issues. I think of him as what NTs think of a “functional” ADHD person. LOL.

P.S. I highly recommend that book series. The Vokosigan Saga.


OMG! Yes to Mabel Pines!

A few I associate with ADHD (but are not confirmed) are:
-Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99
-Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
-Jessica Day from New Girl
-Nick Miller from New Girl
-Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter
-Basically everyone from Adventure Time

  • Jimmy Neutron’s friend Sheen. He was an awesome dude.
  • Spongebob Squarepants. Remember that episode he has to write an essay? I can totally relate.
  • J.D, that guy from Scrubs.


Yup, Wasn’t sure about him at first but I just caught up on the S5 finale where, on top of going on his usual tangents, he also shows some great crisis mode skills.

There’s another thread about this soemwhere here with quite a few more examples. I vaguely remember suggesting:

  • The Doctor;
  • Goofy (especially in the comic books but not all of them because often he’ll just be the village idiot);
  • Gaston Lagaffe from the Gaston comics;
  • Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes fame.


That… seems so obvious now that you have pointed it out.


ADHD representation in TV/films is something I’m very passionate about!! I love me some good proper rep.

I have a very long list of characters I try to sort of “diagnose” and that I think represent ADHD troubles very well in a non stereotypical way because I’m not very happy with the few canon characters we have. Especially since I have no interest in Percy Jackson or most teen things where most canon ADHD characters seem to be in. Most are just from things that I like and aren’t very popular characters to be headcanonned as ADHD

((((Also I talk/type a lot I’m sorry about that. I’m just really glad my list is being useful!!))))


  • Peter / Pietro Maximoff (both X-Men/Fox and Avengers/Marvel. His superpower is speed which is like the most ADHD thing I can think of. I have a huge soft spot for Peter from the X-Men films since I relate to him way more in terms of my own ADHD and the way they edited his speed and how he acts and what he says is exactly what the inside of my brain feels like)
  • Deadpool (I think he has canon ADHD but I could be wrong)
  • Wonder Woman (from the newest film. I’ve heard a lot of my ADHD friends say they see her as good rep. I don’t see it for myself, but I thought it’d add it to my list if it may help someone)

Sci-fi / Horror:

  • Dirk Gently from BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (probably the best rep in my opinion of what it truly feels like to have ADHD on a day-to-day basis including the good things and the bad things. He basically has every symptom ever)
  • Richie Tozier from Stephen King’s IT the novel and the 2017 film. (Richie’s actor said he tried to play him having ADHD - good for him - but book!Richie is very ADHD too, in my opinion)
  • Jim Kirk from the Star Trek reboots. (Don’t think I need to explain much. Some people see it, some people don’t)

Harry Potter:
I hate it because nearly everyone seems to have ADHD or something very similar to it but:

  • Neville Longbottom (that remembrall though)
  • Luna Lovegood
  • I’ve heard some people say Harry himself and his dad James too
  • I’ve also heard all the Marauders (James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew)
  • And most of the Weasleys including Fred and George, Ginny, and a few for Bill

TV / Film Comedy:

  • Leslie Knope from Parks and Recs
  • As said by someone else on here, Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Daisy Steiner from Spaced (a tricky one, not that well known, but unlike most, she’s more inattentive than hyperactive and that gives her a spot in the list)
  • Greg Jenko from 21 Jump Street & 22 Jump Street (Channing Tatum has ADHD and I don’t know if the role was written that way or if he just acted it that way, but he’s a really nice rep especially in the first one where he sucks at school but gets through it. Nice for the kids)

Drama TV, films, lit, and probably more unpopular ones:

  • Charlie Dalton from Dead Poets Society (my personal second fave after Peter M.)
  • Neil Perry from Dead Poets Society (I get a lot of Meanies for this one because they say No and I’m like but listen he’s inattentive and Charlie is combined and they became friends because of it trust me)
  • Anne Shirley from Anne with an E (along with Dirk, this one is a good day-to-day struggles rep)
  • Gregory House from House / House MD whichever you call it (I also get Meanies for this one because everyone tries to diagnose him but I have severe ADHD and to me it’s clear he has ADHD along with other things which I cannot diagnose)
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from Hamlet and the play Ros & Guil are dead (I think they represent brilliantly inattentive and hyperactive ADHD and that both together acts as combined ADHD)
  • Nikolai Rostov and Natasha Rostova from War and Peace (mostly the 2016 BBC adaptation. Inattentive ADHD at its finest only showing the absolute worst and horror ADHD can do to someone – which I find very refreshing)
  • Maria Von Trapp from The Sound of Music (I’ve heard this one being mentioned as the ultimate female ADHD character)

Anyway, I hope this helps someone and if anyone wants to chit chat about any of them please feel free to I’d be happy to chat!


So the moral of the story is… ADHD is magic?


Well, we can all agree it isn’t Lupus…


I’m still torn on the characters in The Good Place. Chidi has the worst executional dysfunction, Jason is both inattentive and impulsive to the max and Eleanor’s complete inability to focus on what she isn’t interested in sounds familiar, too. But are any of them really AD(H)D?


Oh, no I would TOTALLY diagnose Eleanor and Jason on the ADHD spectrum.

Sometimes i wonder about Jack from Blackish. And the dad from Speechless.

Frankly, I think a lot of the characters we think of as ADHD in shows are unconciously written that way. Writers are taking a trope and making a character out of it, not realizing they’re portraying an ADHD person because they just don’t know about it. And then there’s all kinds of bad stereotypes built into the character’s actions and motivations, and people’s reactions to them, because of lack of understanding.

I’d like to see a tv show with a character that canon has ADHD, the writers KNOW what they’re writing about and the issues are PART of the storylines, like legit. Heck, I’d be satisfied seeing a character show up on Sesame Street with ADHD. They’ve got an autistic puppet now, so it’s doable.


Reading the books is very strange because Harry seems so not attentive to anything around him that it might just be him who has ADHD (and Neville) or for some reason magic goes with ADHD and everyone has it


I agree re: Neville, Dirk Gently (DGHDA BBC America version), Jake Peralta!

I also think of Ruby from Steven Universe as having ADHD-like traits (only times are “now” and “not now”, physically hyperactive, quick to react/anger, spontaneous, struggles to pay attention to anything she isn’t interested in, likes exciting things).

I haven’t watched Gravity Falls yet but this makes me want to even more!


Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too :grinning:


I’d say Son Goku from DB Z and Super fits quite perfectly. His mind is always somewhere else, mostly on things he is highly interested in: training and fighting. He doesnt care much about anything else and hyperfocusses all the time on it to an extend where he trains day in day out without even calling his friends and family once. He is terribly desorganised, cant even take a simple drivers license test and has issues with obedience if it comes down to simple instructions. He does what ever he wants, whenever he wants, if he is allowed or not.

Oh yes… almost forgot: he is terribly impatient.


To me Buster from the tv show Arthur may have ADHD. They way he acts and reacts to certain things in the show just seemed so relatable to me when I look back at it.