Fidget toy review

I just got a new fidget toy for Christmas (a fidget cube) and decided to write a post about all the fidgets I’ve had/used and how they work for me. I’ll describe each of them and give a short review then I’ll give them each a rating out of 10 (10 is the best, 1 is the worst).

First up, we have the fidget cube. This one’s a classic, I’m glad to have gotten one. Mine is a pretty standard fidget cube; one side has three little gears, one side has 4 buttons (two of which make a click noise when you push them and two of which are silent), one side has a joystick you can push in circles or pull, one side has a switch sorta like a power button, one side has a circle that you can spin around and also push in, and the last side is a textured surface you can push your thumb against. There are so many ways to use it, I personally like the side with the three little gears and the joystick most. I also found I can put my thumb on the joystick, my middle finger on the textured surface (which is opposite the joystick) and spin the cube around with my pointer and ring fingers since the joystick spins. I feel like this has a lot of options for stimming without requiring focus and isn’t too distracting to other people.
Fidget cube rating: 10 out of 10

Second, we have what can most briefly be described as a squishy ball with mesh (I don’t know if this product has a specific name). Basically it’s a squishy ball that’s filled with a bunch of smaller balls and there’s mesh around it, so when you squeeze it the little balls get pushed through the mesh (still contained by the larger ball, which sorta acts as a membrane). I’m not sure if that explanation really made sense, but here’s a picture of mine (the picture on the left is just what it looks like normal, the picture on the right is how it looks when I’m squeezing it).

My mom gave me this one, she has one for herself too (she isn’t diagnosed, but we both suspect she has ADHD). I like the squishy ball. It’s very satisfying to squeeze it and it’s a good repetitive fidget motion. One downside is that other people tend to find it really interesting, so it can be distracting to other people. Because I’m doing remote learning, it’s okay because I just work from my bedroom, but I wouldn’t want to take this fidget to school with me. Also, it turns out that outside membrane isn’t indestructible because one that I had broke and the little balls spilled out, which was a bummer.
Squishy ball with mesh rating: 7 out of 10

Third, a rubik’s cube. It’s a fun puzzle, but I never use it as a fidget toy. I use fidget toys because they’re soothing and they help me focus, a rubik’s cube does neither of those things. I’m including it on the lest because I know some people use it as a fidget and I do have one.
Rubik’s cube rating: 3 out of 10

Those are all the ones I have currently, so those are the ones I’ll give a full review for, but I’ll give a quick review of other fidgets I’ve used. I used to have this ball, the actual ball was probably less than an inch long but it had a bunch of string coming off of it that made it larger, I would mainly squeeze it and often toss it in the air and catch it. This was in elementary school, I have no idea when I lost it but I remember quite liking it. I also had an oral sensory toy when I was in elementary school that my special ed teacher gave me, it was straw shaped and I could chew on it. I really liked that one, a bit like gum but a more repetitive motion and without the flavor and you could stop chewing on it at any time. Having a chew toy did make me feel a bit like a dog, haha, but I didn’t mind. Finally I had a fidget spinner for a little while, I bought one from a random market when they became popular. I never liked it much, it was hard to do repetitively and it felt like the toy moved more than I did, plus it was distracting.

Feel free to reply with whatever toys or fidgets you like best! Also, probably went without saying, but those are just how those toys work for me, someone else might find one I didn’t like amazing or get no benefit from one I love.


Ooh good idea Coen!

I like the fidget cube too!
My favourite fidget currently is the ultimate fidget I think it’s called. It’s two rings that can move around each other. It’s really nice and simple but you can move it in slightly different ways, it’s small and discreet and I really like how it moves! I haven’t got bored of it so far!

I also have a springy thing attached to a keyring (currently misplaced :confused: ) that’s quite fun but can get a bit boring after a while and it’s not super discrete to be boinging a spring :joy: I do like it though!
I also have a bracelet which is a zip which I really like although can also get boring after a bit. (Also misplaced :see_no_evil:). I like that one because it’s jewelry too! Although the zip is a bit noisy. And I leave it everywhere because I often take it off to fiddle and then forget it! Lol.


I have been thinking about getting a fidget ring, which looks like a normal ring but you can spin around with your thumb. It seems like it’d be super discreet and could potentially also be quite stylish, sorta like the bracelet you mention.