Fidget with all the things!



I’d also love to add that having more than one of the cubes has been a lifesaver for me so I don’t lose/misplace one when trying to take it to and from work. :slight_smile:


I know there is a portable foot fidget but it’s ridiculously expensive :frowning: . You can actually search “foot fidget” in amazon and it does come up with some things that might work pending how your desk is setup? Clearly… we need more foot fidgets!


That’s why I figured a small exercise ball might work! I don’t have a lot of options to really change my space, as it is I’m already kind short for how the desk and chairs are set. I’m also always sitting cross legged on the chair or sitting close enough to put a foot at a time against the wall. I’ve come across some nice ideas of tying stretchy cables or an exercise band to chair legs, but my chair has no legs, it’s basically a pole on wheels like a lot of office chairs.


I’ll have to try that too. I don’t really have a place to put any bands or anything… and I cannot pay $100 for a portable foot fidget… especially since I don’t know how durable it is… I tend to put a lot of force behind my leg movements. :grimacing: But maybe a small exercise ball would do the trick! It sounds like a great idea! I tend to sit on one leg while the other dangles and 1. that eventually hurts… cause I can’t reach the ground… 2. I do have a foot rest thing but like… having something I could bounce my leg on that ACTUALLY bounces with me? Sounds great. I’ll have to try and remember to look into buying one soon!! We could be small exercise ball testing buddies :joy:


I’m just looking forward to the response from my boss. Ultimately he won’t care as long as I am productive but he’ll certainly have a moment of surprise/confusion at one point Lol :joy:


My favorite fidget is the Mobii from Steelynx – seriously they are so fantastic I keep one at every desk and table in my house, in my car, and in my pocket.

I also love Thinking Putty … I can’t even count the number times a tin has helped me through a long meeting, and I almost require putty in my hands to watch more than 10 minutes of a movie without getting bored and going elsewhere.


I love spinner rings! My stand in for my lost wedding ring is a spinner ring I got from my mom :3


I wasn’t even awayre I’m doing this, or at least that it’s something I do for fidgeting:

I always keep a Deuserband close to my desk. (Don’t buy it from that link, btw - it’s seriously overpriced!) It’s a large rubber band that can be used as a multi-function training device. So while watching videos or doing something else that doen’t involve engaging my hands, I’ll just grab it and do some excercises. That’s actually why I started doing it - I get way too little excercise, so every bit is welcome. Fidgeting didn’t even occur to me until much later.


I like the idea of the fidget ring, because its discreet. It just looks like you are wearing a ring. Of course, I play with regular rings too when they are on my finger. Thanks for the list!


I absolutely adore the fidget ring. It’s so insanely useful. There are also a couple necklace fidgets if you go to @Lowell_Hamilton’s post for Steellynx. :slight_smile:


I’ll check that out!


Not sure if this okay to post, but last year I compiled a whole google spread sheet of every online and physical store I found that stocks, and/or specialises in stim toys for autistic and ADHD folk.

This is the Spreadsheet.

I wanted to make it because I got really tired of having like 50 tabs open in Chrome, and how often it led me in several hours of ‘window shopping’ hyperfocus. So I put everything in one place, and tried to rate approximate cost/expenses, and where the shops are located. There’s also a (WIP) DIY page.

So I hope this is helpful to anyone!


OH my god that’s amaaaazing!
What a seriously fabulous idea! I’m so used to having so many tabs open and being lost and… definitely lots of window shopping hyperfocus. It’s nice to have something in one easy spreadsheet. :sweat_smile:


Even though I do have tangles (yup, multiple) and a fidget cube, which I love, I just wanted to point out that you can fidget with anything and that it doesn’t have to cost a lot/ anything. I have used hair ties, pens (when not writing with them), but also my necklace (while I’m still wearing it) to fidget with as well. And there are probably lots of things that are laying around in your house that you could repurpose as a fidget toy.


I’ve always spun a pencil. Lead holders are my favorite. staedtler makes a good weighty one.


My favorites right now are the DNA balls (clear stress balls with highly flexible skins, filled with smaller balls designed to roll and glide over one another as you squeeze/stretch/etc.), LoopEEZ, and a half DNA ball/half small plastic bead ball with soft projections on the outer casing. Clear stress balls filled with small, dense, water-beads and covered in mesh are also really nice. They sort of pulsate through the mesh as you squeeze them.
Besides being very soothing, these toys (with the exception of the LoopEEZ) are silent. Even the loopeez is pretty quite though.
Fidgets that click, clink, etc. tend to make me bristle at the thought of using them, and if I do use them they often make me feel more anxiety.


Some “finger fiddles” from Tim Rowett’s collection:

You can turn lots of things into finger fidgets. Keyrings with keys, bits of wires, strings & buttons, long strips of paper (hexaflexagons). Some very brainy people played with Hexaflexagons!


I love my fidget cube! I supported during the kickstarter and got the kickstarter exclusive “gamer” color scheme. I love the 5 different colored buttons.


I scanned through the comments and didn’t find anything like this, so hopefully it’s not a repeat.
You can make your own infinity cube! There are lots of links on youtube for origami ones, and although I don’t like Suicide Squad, the beginning of this video shows you the idea of how to make one out of wooden cubes (available at many craft stores!)