Fidget with all the things!



I’ve always spun a pencil. Lead holders are my favorite. staedtler makes a good weighty one.


My favorites right now are the DNA balls (clear stress balls with highly flexible skins, filled with smaller balls designed to roll and glide over one another as you squeeze/stretch/etc.), LoopEEZ, and a half DNA ball/half small plastic bead ball with soft projections on the outer casing. Clear stress balls filled with small, dense, water-beads and covered in mesh are also really nice. They sort of pulsate through the mesh as you squeeze them.
Besides being very soothing, these toys (with the exception of the LoopEEZ) are silent. Even the loopeez is pretty quite though.
Fidgets that click, clink, etc. tend to make me bristle at the thought of using them, and if I do use them they often make me feel more anxiety.


Some “finger fiddles” from Tim Rowett’s collection:

You can turn lots of things into finger fidgets. Keyrings with keys, bits of wires, strings & buttons, long strips of paper (hexaflexagons). Some very brainy people played with Hexaflexagons!


I love my fidget cube! I supported during the kickstarter and got the kickstarter exclusive “gamer” color scheme. I love the 5 different colored buttons.


I scanned through the comments and didn’t find anything like this, so hopefully it’s not a repeat.
You can make your own infinity cube! There are lots of links on youtube for origami ones, and although I don’t like Suicide Squad, the beginning of this video shows you the idea of how to make one out of wooden cubes (available at many craft stores!)