Fidgeting during Interviews - How do I stop it?


Hi fellow brains! I have been told frequently that I appear nervous during interviews because of my fidgeting and constant moving. For instance if I am in a chair that spins, I just spin back and forth, or I fidget with the pen in my hand, the resume in front of me, or the jewelry I am wearing. It does not matter what I take away. I will always fidget. I personally prefer to fidget because it helps me focus on the interview. Do any of you have this problem of appearing unprofessional when fidgeting? How do you suggest I stop it? Or should I tell them at the beginning of the interview that movement or fidgeting helps me focus?


What type of jobs are you signing up for? Also maybe at the end of the interview explain your diagnosis if the employer understands then great if not then you shouldn’t work for an employer who doesn’t understand


I wriggle my toes and no-one knows because I wear enclosed shoes!


I am currently a college student who works as a Resident Assitant for University Housing. I plan on applying to be an Assitant Residence Hall Director which is supervisor position. I am also planning on applying for a summer intership as a nursing student at a couple hospitals. Thank you for the advice. I just really want to be taken seriously in my interviews.


That’s a great idea! I think with some practice I can make sure I only wriggle my toes during the interview. Thank you!


When you say “it doesn’t matter what I take away” it makes it sound like you’re trying to limit your options for fidgeting here so that you don’t fidget at all, and then you just find something else to fidget with, You might try taking a dedicated fidget in and maybe even ask if the interviewer minds - people are learning about ADHD, so you could even tell them that it helps you focus because you have ADHD.

It sounds like having a plan for HOW you’re going to fidget rather than how to keep yourself from fidgeting might be the way. I like the toe wiggling thing, but personally my hands need something, haha.


I do the same thing when I am forced to sit still and withold from fidgetting. Didn’t even realize it until a test during my ADHD-assessment (when I somehow wanted to show them that I was more capable in controlling my movements than I really am ;))


It can sometimes be a strange way of fidgeting but try - and only while listening - play with your tounge around the inside of the teeth. To the outsider it looks as if you ponder on what the other are saying. And when answering questions you can have a few rubber bands in a pocket or hidden in the sleeve of your long sleeve shirt.


Would it help you to keep pencil and paper on your lap during the interview? That looks much more professional than a fidgeting toy and might be just enough to keep your hands still for a while.

You should probibly try it first (because in my life it would probably mean that the pencil breaks in two or comes flying through the air mid-sentence ;))


Hahaha! I always break my pencils when fidgeting without meaning to, and 9 times out of 10 it hits someone else! Thank you for the tip!


Ohhh I like ths rubber band Idea! Never thought about fidgeting with my tongue! Thank you for the tips!


Hmmm I guess I feel embarrassed to bring a fidget. I feel like I will not be taken seriously, but why would I want to work for someone who doesn’t take me seriously just because I brought a fidget cube to an interview. Thank you, you’re helping me remember not to be ashamed.


I have a bracelet

(sorry for the bad quality I’m in a Train) so I try to start fidgeting with it. Mostly in exams where I’m not allowed to anything except pen and paper.
And I’m a Buddhist, so I use the bracelet like I am counting mantras.
I don’t know how it would work in an Interview since it makes some noise.


Thank you!


So i actually just recently interviewed for a higher position and got it! Thank you guys for all the tips. I think i aggresively moved my arms when talking instead of fidgeting but it got me the job!!