Figuring this ADHD out?

Hello I’m Dave. I do ride a Golding though. I recently went to the Dr. to see what needs to be done for an assessment. Not till October. Let me back up a bit. I have been studying and reading more about ADHD for past 7 or 8 years. Since I have always thought something not quite right with myself. I have watched many videos and blogs and such. Have done numerous online test. For curiosity really. Recently I watched a video that got oneself answering questions in a unique way. I ACED that test. Everything he was saying I was agreeing or doing at the time. So about two months ago I went to Dr. office. It took a month to get a reply, the October appointment for assessment. The first thing I thought and almost said was " I don’t know if I be alive by then". That is why I’m here. I watch Jessica’s Youtube. Was having a rough day. Thanks to that I here with many more questions? Btw I’m 53 and life has come apart. I have run out of answers it seems.

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Hey!!! Welcome to the forum :grin:
I hope everything workable out well

Welcome to the forum, ‘my mate, Dave’!:wink:

Hope you can find some useful information here in the forum, and feel free to post if you need some help, support, or just have questions about ADHD and the diagnostic process.:blush::+1: Sucks that you have to wait until October, but hey, on the positive side at least it’s this year!:sweat_smile: Some of our UK brethren have 18-24 month waits… Still, wish everyone could be seen much sooner…:cold_sweat:

And we do also have several other members over 50, in case you’re interested in talking with others in a similar life situation to you, age-wise and with late diagnoses.

Thanks Marodir. Yes I been reading some of the post. It is eerily and spooky to what I assimilate with. Yes I will look into the 50’s crowd. There is so much to go through. Really 18-24 months for an appointment. Wow. Yea the one thing adhd is short of is patence when the brain gets sparked up. Will post what I find. Thanks again Marodir

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Been looking for the older crowd, cant find it. Can you share a post?

Don’t know if there’s a specific thread, if not you could make one.:blush: Otherwise, maybe try searching the forum for ‘older’, see if that gets you to threads discussing it. Several also talk about ‘late diagnosis’ and have their age (like 61, for example) in their topic titles.:blush:

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