Finally back...better than ever...i think...maybe

Hey whats up!

Been off here for sometime, finally got my ass into gear and found myself a psychiatrist, sorted some meds, started managing life in general a little better, finances are better, work is better, less negative…maximum effort…well most of the time!

More important is its enabled me to be there for my younger brother as he is really going through some stuff right now and one of my regrets was never being able to be depended on or of use.

Life is by no way amazing, but its also not the worst place to be anymore either, strange feeling its just, yeah not up or down just the right amount of both.

I dont really have a circle of friends or anyone who could possibly understand all the above waffle :man_facepalming::rofl:

So thought hey lets get back on here and see who fancies a chat!

How are you all doing??


It’s never too late. Family is always welcome. We’ll leave the light on . . . etc!


i hope things get better for your brother. i am so glad you are able to be there for him right now – for his sake and for yours.

it speaks to your character that this is something that matters to you – and that is very cool.